Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I haven't had the time to blog. It's a sign.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


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You always need friends to be around when you need a friend.

You always need friends for a quick hug when things aren't going so great.

You always need friends to slap you back into reality.

You always need friends to point you back to the right path.

You always need a friend to call you 20 times a day just to tell you to do the right thing.

You always need friends to love you even when you're hard to love. 

You always need friends to pray for you and with you.

You always need friends to help you make the bad times good.

You always need friends who love you more than you can imagine.

Thank you for being my friend.

Monday, January 05, 2009

If there was just one thing

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Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!
I celebrated the new year at the Fellow Workers' Conference 09 : The Gospel & the church.

If there was just one thing that i learnt this weekend at FWC, it would be that the Truth cannot be sacrificed for the sake of peace. 

Thank God that it wasn't just one thing.

Expanding on that, i discovered things about the Truth that both convict me and disturb me at the same time (although arguably it's probably the conviction that disturbs me, so it's one thing). If i believe in something and i believe it to be the Truth, then therein lies an implication that anything other than the Truth is NOT the truth. And that's disturbing because... 

I cannot believe in something, and not affirm it or defend it when necessary. That (not affirming or defending the truth) would be equivalent to denying Truth. 

And effort needs to be put into preserving the Truth.


All in all, i had a good time at FWC, although it was a challenging one which attacked alot of what i subscribe and/or subscribed to. I have to seriously reconsider what the church is based on God's blueprint and align myself to that. 

Got to know a lot of new people as well as getting closer to those i already know and that has been fun =) It is always encouraging to know that there are people working alongside you in knowing the Truth and preserving it.