Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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a real funny ad that digs at men (part of a series). brilliant work by amy ferguson.
click the image to see the full hilarity of it.

I've got all i need

Leave a Comment now it's all down to finding time to actually try it. What's it?
Screen printing.

My latest itch. I've tried stenciling successfully, but that's kinda limited design-wise. This itch has come about since i met an adorable bunch of tiny, big bellied old men in shorts and only shorts who screen print t-shirts for a living in a tiny little squat space in Kampung Chempaka. It's unfortunate i didn't get a picture, they were so cute and very accomodating (who wouldn't be if there's potential business involved? Especially since they were tiny, big bellied Chinese old men).

Anyway, the manager was very nice and gave me some tips, since i told him i dabbled a bit in this kind of art. Which, roundabout back to where we started, gave me the itch that made me dig out that silk screen kit i've had for forever but just never dared to use. Google and youtube served me very well in dummy how-to video lessons on making the screens and i'm off.

As soon as i think of a good design.

Which will probably take a while, haha *roll eyes*

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby boy

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My aunt just gave birth to a baby boy! Out of excitement, i decided to do up a little toy for him. I haven't completed it yet, but it's very soft and huggy! I also did up a simple card to go with it, and decided to share! I saw this wedding invitation somewhere and it looked like it might do well for a boy's card too. Just get the pdf below and print it out, easy peasy. Prints out two in an A4 sheet, then folded in half like the image above.

Doodling time away

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A birthday gift to someone that nearly didn't reach the person because i liked the gift a little too much!

I did go back to get one for myself but they don't have it anymore =(

Seems like these old cartoons are back (in fashion).

My favourite boy, working hard.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Watercolors Stina-style

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She tried it, i'm guessing in Photoshop or Illustrator. I tried it, albeit an unoriginal design cos i was just trying out the method, in the traditional way. Haven't quite got it figured out yet. Well, practice makes perfect. And if at once you don't succeed, try and try again.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My fashion inspiration #3: Lucky magazine

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We don't get it directly here and it's abit pricey, but i get the old copies cheap at Selvan's or all those other tiny indian magazine stores.

They often translate runway styles into real fashion, with listings for their US audience i guess. Malaysia should do a Lucky mag, with local listings. Not that our local shopping is thaaaat great, only a couple of thrift stores (then again the clothes ain't thaaat great) not very many indie little shops, where local designers make cutesy stuff, and when i say designers i don't mean the big guns, i mean even the tiny not so well known designers. Here all the designers people care about are the big guys, the wellknown ones, but hopefully that's changing.

My fashion inspiration #2: Topshop

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They're excellent: for copying! I love to make or mend stuff into Topshop-esque designs, especially the pretty dresses.I won't actually buy them, they're way too expensive here! But i'll make them =) The current sweet floral dresses are very nice! And i like how they rip off okay, they're inspired by the fashion runways, so they often do what's hot right now. Their designers must really be on the ball.

My fashion inspiration #1: Nicole Richie

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I think i have way too much fashion inspiration altogether, so i will cut it down to the top three designers/people/shops that inspire me fashion-wise currently, and so here's my first fashion inspiration!

Ms (or soon-to-be Mrs) Nicole Richie : She's such a yummy mummy! I hope when i'm a mummy i'll be as yummy as her. One reason why i like her style, it all looks so comfy! And just thrown on! Comfy and cool has always been my preference. She's hippie yet suitably rock-ish especially when next to Mr. Madden.

images from {mostly here and sorry, i don't know where the other images came from}

Saturday, April 04, 2009

They're called leggings and they're cool

I've been trying similar looks to her. One thing that i hate doing is taking outfit shots on my own. Cos i don't have a tripod and it's kinda strange taking a picture of myself in public or anywhere heh.
 from {me}
 See what i mean? But, at least i found a spot to rest the cam while taking self timer photos. I hate putting my face in too. Cos i make real daft expressions trying to focus on getting a good picture. I'm more of a camera woman than a subject.
from {topshop}
Color blocks are so popular now. Saw this in red and tried it on in the shop, but i couldn't bring myself to buy it at RM 235, even with the members' discount. Mostly cos it looked like i could do it myself. Which i probably can. Well, i'm just waiting for the itch to translate into a dress =P

Another funny read

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from {girltalk}

Friday, April 03, 2009

Some really creative stuff

A really cool dentist's business card from {here}.

And if you like crafting with paper, and you like freebies, go here : Canon Creative Park. Just download, print and voila! Even comes with instructions, easy peasy!