Sunday, February 26, 2006

Quote of the Day

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You know that your square isn't a square when your circle isn't a circle.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Point Proven! Yet again!

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Ahaha...this is the second time this week that my point being that people, no matter how much they say they have changed, don't. It's funny. Really. I cannot believe the level of childishness *not that i'm very mature myself* of some people. It's so amusing. I'm supposed to tell it like it is and i understand the whole thing behind telling it like it is, but haha, these people, not only will they not listen to me, they will probably act defensive *i understand, i probably would too* and start using things in my own life against me. Not only that, after they're done, they'll bitch about me non-stop behind my back and when i confront them about it, they'll say,"oh no, we're not bitching. We're just stating facts." My big momma's fat ass they are. Cos people like these, they don't want to change for the better, they don't want to know about their shortcomings but they will emphasise other people's shortcomings. It's not worth my time or effort trying to tell them things. You know the saying, seeing the speck in other's eye but not noticing the log in theirs? Yeah. That one.

Recognise anyone in your life like these? Sigh.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Random pictures

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Trying my hand at photography. Actually, its a requirement for drawing class to take so many pictures.

Point Proven

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Hah! I feel so vindicated! Some people just proved my point that some people never change. I mean, if i *note: younger by age, knowledge and experience* can look at something that these so-called *older wiser and eaten-more-salt-and-by-right-should-be-bald people* did and say, "Wow, that's so childish," then i think you guys better re-think your whole attitude. Sigh, but this is not said in love. Sadly, i do not feel much love for these people. Hard to love someone who constantly puts you down, makes jokes at your expense, embarass you in front of people, give stupid sarcastic remarks or answer your questions with ridicule. Yep.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chinese new year

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The only picture from CNY. This was on the second day, night actually, at Chilli's.

Swen and Elaine's birthday celebration

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The princess and the pit. The other one on the left is just an unwilling victim of my camera.
Actually i should rename the previous picture "The princess, the pit and the pig", as you can see in this picture.
Lazing around on Delicious' lovely couch.
I have no idea.
Davin, stealing credit cards. No la, he's just stealing a look at DeOriginalMeow's card-full wallet.

Hehe, we headed to a very new place for Swen and Elaine's b-day celebrations this time instead of the usual places we go to. Delicious really lives up to its name. The food was so good that DeOriginalMeow and i ate up RM90 worth of food between the both of us. Blekk. Actually it's probably worth about half that amount, the rest is just payment for the beautiful ambience and deco and bla bla bla. Sigh. But it was very enjoyable and very good!


The image in the middle is mine. It's an image of what i see when i look at my reflection in on a kettle.

The green and the red paintings are mine. The red one is a very close replica to the one that got stolen.

I'm so proud that they're on exhibition.


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Here's another site whose banner i did. Not complete yet though, have been very busy...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Single Awareness?

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Single awareness day...hmmm...sounds dodgy la. I don't believe in single or couple or whatever anymore, it doesnt matter. It's just another label you put on your forehead, like gay or airhead. To put it as Single Awareness Day is like...AIDS Awareness day or some other disease like that...isn't it? People always connect 'awareness' with these campaigns. So it makes 'singlehood' sound like a disease. Yerrr... I'd rather think that you're never single, cos you always have God. Haha, isn't that a nice thought?

Judge the Change

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Change is relative. Especially with people. For example, DeOriginalMeow would say i have come a long long way from the childish, naive, greenhorn young me, and BouncingNinjaTurtle wouldn't say that i have changed much from my selfish self, but would rather say that i have changed my tactics or methods of getting what i want.

Haha, that's just an example ya! Not the reason why i'm writing today. How do you measure change? A 180degree turnabout from the person he/she used to be? Then i would say among my group of friends, not many people have changed? But then, some people would say, 'Hey! What do you mean by that? Some have changed okay?' So my question is,

WHO? and HOW?

Cos in my eyes, there's no change. Like BouncingNinjaTurtle says, he/she might have changed his/her methods to get to the same goal, which is essentially the same as before. But who cares about what i see? My view doesn't matter so much as compared to God's. So to me, i say, to each their own as long as you don't bug me and are going according to God's commandments la. Which leads me to think about Judging people.

Cos i don't like judging people, although sometimes i do. I judge people by the way they dress, i judge people by the way they act, i judge people who smoke, i judge people. Fullstop. No justifying it, i judge fullstop. And i have no doubt that everyone judges something sometime or another. But usually i only share my opinions on these things with my closest friend *could be called gossip* and i won't really take it up with the person unless utterly necessary, i don't like confrontations or scenes like that, cos i think who am i to judge or say anything, i'm not exactly the best example of a Godly person.

But why am i ranting like this? Because some people...sigh...just can't admit that essentially they're still the snobby bratty spoilt irritating annoying people they were (now still the same) when they were 13. Just so freaking tired of these people. Can't be bothered to put up with their fakeness anymore.

Sunday 19 Feb 2006
BouncingNinjaTurtle said...

What is change? Change happens internally. You change your belief. People dun always do wat they say but they'll live out their beliefs.
A change on the inside will be reflected on the outside. Like you say, external changes with the same motivation isn't real change.
External changes motivated by fear/discipline etc isn't true change either.

So unless one has changed their belief inside which will be reflected outside - may take time/ may be instant, then that is real change.

Anyway theres nothing wrong with judging. Just dun condemn them. Judge = making an HONEST APPRAISAL of person/situation.

If we're late, we're late, if we're rude, we're rude, if it wasnt encouraging or upbuilding. Tell it like it is! If Christians aren't living out their Christian walk and demonstrating Christ to others, say so! We're to point these things out to help one another. The chief motivation behind it must be - telling the truth in love. Otherwise shut up. The other key thing is to be teachable. Cuz whoever does not want to accept correction is a fool.
Proverbs is a great book on such things. Would make a good and practical bible study for many.

Funkymonkey me says...
But then you see right, let's say we do tell it like it is...people who do not know any better will say, who the heck are you to tell me this? unless everyone has a teachable spirit, then there's no point in telling certain people things like it is cos in the end, its just a waste of breath. Anyway, i was just ranting on certain people whose high and mighty antics and "i'm older and wiser so i know more shit than you do" crap have been bugging me for the past few weeks. And it's just ridiculous cos other people have been asking me why these certain individuals are bugging like that, meaning i'm not the only one seeing their crap and i'm not the only one being bugged by it.

I've been wondering whether i've been oversensitive about things like this, but i'm not. Cos I'm not the only one.

Valentine's day?

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Haha...this year it took a reminder for me to know that its Valentine's Day. Usually, i'll be jumping up and down, getting bloody excited about the flowers, chocolates, soft toys or whatever else i'd recieve on these days from my then-existent boyfriend-at-that-time. This year, i didnt even realise it was until a message from Maxis alerted me to the fact with a hearts and lips covered MMS.

Psychotic mumbling to self...
It's just another day. What's the big deal? Why all the write-ups in the news about price hikes and the silly people who don't care about that and buy the overpriced gonna-die-anyway flowers? Valentine's day should be everyday, why should there be only one specific day where you decide to splurge on a material item to signify your love? We should endeavour to show our loved ones that we care and we love them everyday of our lives...

Normal and sane self rushing back into body...
Hah! You weren't thinking like that last year, or the year before or the year before that. What makes this year so different? Because you're single? Who cares?! You'd be a huge hypocrite if you do. So suck it up.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My best friend's wedding

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I know i'm going wonky for sure now, as i sit in front of the tv screen, watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" for the umpteenth time. No, i'm not laughing, rolling all around on the floor, which could also be a sign of wonkiness. No, i'm not drooling or going googly eyes on Dermot Mulroney, who is drop dead gorgeous with the most expressive eyebrows only next to Chris Noth of Mr.Big *Sex and the City* fame.

I'm crying. Pathetic tears falling down my face cos i feel for her. I NEVER cry at movies. At least i won't admit it sometimes. But the point is, i have watched this show so many many times and i'd never shed a tear. Why this? Why now?

So i draw parallels from the movie to myself.

Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) ==> Me
Michael O'Neal (Dermot Mulroney) ==> Haha
Kimberly Wallace (Cameron Diaz) ==> ?

No need to explain who Dermot's character is. So all that's left to this equation is...WHO'S KIMBERLY? Aha...that is the correct question. Jawapan anda? Kimberly is God. Gehaha...good ennit. My life is a ***king soap opera.

Monday, February 06, 2006


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Subject E is currently in Operation Hibernation, in belief that hibernation will keep the subject sane. Subject E also has been reading too many Fearless books and thus demonstrating weird ways of communication. Subject E should be put to sleep immediately.

Edit: This is sooooooooooooooooooooo CIA. Sigh. I am going crazy out of my mind. I'm pissed at i'm not sure what. Sometimes, i just wish i was fearless, like Gaia. No worry, no need to be afraid of things and circumstances. Just me and myself. But then i'd be very lonely. But then i won't be afraid of being lonely. see. But well, the reality is i'm not fearless. And so i will have all these stupid little insecurities that make me, well, ME. Fear is a necessity, it's something that keeps you ALIVE.


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Lonely...i am so lonely...i need somebody...of my own...

GOsh, i hate that song. Cos, really, truth sucks. I'm lonely, and the song ain't helping.