Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Doing what i'm supposed to do

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Aha, i just bumped into this neat site that allows me to do interesting things with fashion. Still rather new at it, but i've put together some stuff into a series of 7. Here's Monday and Tuesday. Me likey!

Of Fleas and Rubbish

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Hey people, i know my group of pals, plus minus one or two aren't all that interested in fashion, artsy fartsy stuff or any sorta design for that matter... but, i have hopes for YOU! Come and teman me, be my partner in crime as i flit like a housefly from one pile of rubbish to another. Think about it, since they're selling previously loved items, we're actually recycling! Haha, okay enough crapping, just come okay! Click on it to see the finer details.

Just so you know, i'll be going for the Threads Zoo thingie on Saturday evening and the REMIX one on Sunday after church. So maybe, you can arrange your timing so much so that our little housefly behinds bump into each other there. BzZZzZZzzzZzZZ... *that means "See you there!"*

Monday, January 28, 2008


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After realizing that i have forgotten my 5.15 replacement class today instead of the usual Thursday class, i am currently in the process of rushing my work. Sometimes i really am thankful that i am not dull and slow and i have perfected the art of quickly finishing work, without horrible results =) so off i go again!

edit 3:15PM: Yay! I'm done, and more! hee hee hee

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gorgeous nature

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From a trip up to Fraser's with some friends, it amazes me, the uniqueness of God's creation. It's so great that our lousy technology in cameras can't even capture every gorgeous detail about it. Even if i own an SLR, nothing compares to the real thing. People say i'm a natural artist, but what i can do is just a cheap imitation of the ultimate Creator's masterpieces. Can't even come close. That's okay though, i'll just admire it because i can, and remember the One who made it all.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turning 21

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I predict that this year, not surprisingly, that i will be attending quite a number of celebrations for friends turning 21. Having been to many such parties already... well, experience tells me that those parties are not what i want for my birthday celebrations, if any. I originally didn't want anything big, but my mum tells me that i'm expected to throw some shin-dig for people. See, that's where i get confused. I'm the one being celebrated, but i need to have some celebration FOR people. Well, since tradition and a certain amount of vanity requires... for crying out loud! It's only January! Wait til the invites find you.

The thing is, i have hopes of great presents this year. Might sound particularly materialistic, but if i get presents at all, i'd like things that mean something! Something personal between me and the gift-giver, something i'd cherish and remember. I think all presents should be that way, lovingly made or selected, wrapped in love for the gift-receiver. Otherwise what's the point of a present? So here i am, shamelessly asking you to bless me with meaningful presents or just bless me with your presence. Or both, if you can manage it *grin*

More photos

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This time from TGIF in Pavilion. I like salt and pepper shakers, they're quite interesting to photograph. I like the yin and yang factor, dark and light, fine and coarse. Sort of a complementary factor in it, cos it's never just a pepper shaker or just a salt shaker, they both come together as a set.
The last picture? Just a hint of things to come *grin*

Friday, January 18, 2008

I've hit

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Hitting major crisis number two is not a fantastic thing to experience, especially after the hope of good clear skin. So as usual, here i am, with the solo Erin show. The new and improved version, less sarky less disgusted and more sigh, i've got to live with it so shut up. Less to say too. Brilliant.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crazy Camp Syndrome

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Camp makes people crazy. I think these pictures really tell the real story. Kudos to all the brilliant photographers waiting around doing i'm not sure what just to get these photos, when they should have been helping out or something
Hehe, just kidding folks! Haha, i tell you, just looking at these brings back so many fantastic memories from camp. From top to bottom (according to Melissa's photo gallery): Flirtatious, In Great Need of Sleep *which would be me =P, Disgusted, Stoned/Hysterical, Sincere (sincere?! This looks as far away as sincere gets! This is more like, i'm so gonna get you when you're not looking!), Crazy (i somehow don't think this is a camp-induced picture. Haha this is more of a scene from LV's everyday life *grins*), Cute and Cartoonish!

I think we all have brilliantly flexible facial expressions, haha made for the stage huh?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

El-Cheapo is me

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Being recently (i quote my mum here) converted-to-el-cheapoville, i usually shop after the big days, like now. This would be an excellent time to get cheap Christmas wrapping paper, decorations and various other Christmas themed items. Yay. Ikea isn't usually cheap but let's just say when they wanna get rid of stuff, the price drops alot. Especially since they're marketing the Chinese New Year stuff now, which was somewhat a minor culture shock. Didn't expect to see rats in over prosperous bright red crawling over Swedish stuff.

More experimenting

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Just a scene from my every day life, which is the meeting of my fingertips and the buttons on the keyboard. Ahh, sweet romance *grin*
I tried out something interesting today with the lousy point and shoot. I used my perfume bottles as filters in front of the flash. Got some interesting results. Not good yet, but hey, i just discovered it. Will work on it with more filter-worthy materials.
This one is Aztique from Body Shop. I liked this one.This one is Amor Amor Cacharel.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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*this is a self explanatory post, which says nothing. Which is something that everyone including myself should try sometimes, or most times.*


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My computer's exceedingly slow for some reason that eludes my blonde bimbo brain. Talk about oxymorons *grin*. The last time my computer starting becoming slow, everything of mine got wiped out SO this time i'm backing everything up NOW. Currently in the process of figuring out what the difference between a hard disk and ram. Gah, should have paid more attention during the many times Derek dragged me on his trips to buy computer stuff.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I feel something coming on ...

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I feel it coming. What is it? Gah. I'm annoyed. But for reasons i cannot divulge here, not that it's such a big secret but for the sake of your reading eyes, i shall refrain from ranting. But some things i've got to know, like

  • Do i write in a very confusing way?
  • Does my processing machine work in oddifying ways (yes there is no such word, but i like it) that everyone doesn't understand?
  • Is it me, or is it you?

Gah. Now that's truly annoying. Not knowing the answers to those questions, i mean. Ahh, it's just one of those days, where everyone doesn't get me and i'm left feeling weird, abnormal and lame. Where childish tantrums may be expected, wreaking havoc inside me, because it will never surface anyway.

Wanna know something more annoying? I wonder whether i really want to know the answer anyway. And i don't think i do. Hahaha.

edit: I ranted anyway, didn't i? Whoops.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


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Playing with fire

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Okay la, technically it ain't fire, but i've been playing with lights. I have this fascination with orangey lights, they're so much more interesting compared to just plain old white lights. Sorta gives a homey cozy feel. I'm not all that much better, but practice makes perfect and besides, the inside of my house isn't all that inspiring.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


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Can you imagine, being on holiday (sort of) but being so bored, especially being bored of having to look for things to do? Oh dear. Thank goodness i start class tomorrow, i'm so eager for something to do. So inspired by this smart mama, i'm not gonna devote the whole month, but i am gonna practice photography. I foresee that it might come in handy for the future. Don't worry, that's not the only thing i'll do in the house *wink!*

And! After being annoyed after not being able to fold the dozens of unfolded shirts from the laundry quickly because i couldn't remember Adrian's technique, i managed to find this. Yes i am admittedly slow and need a (several, more like) live demonstration to get it. But Hahah! I've got it! You humongous pile of laundry, be afraid! Be very afraid! I'll get you all!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


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Some things (okay!) thing on my mind...
  • We cannot be light without darkness. Should we then pray to be set free from oppression/suppression?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Picturing my 2007

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In no particular words and just because a picture says a thousand words.

A barrage of blog posts

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Yes, daily blog posts, sometimes a few a day. I think i'm going to be subjected to this for the next three months, thanks to having only one half day of class a week. Contemplating finding work or starting to sell stuff again. Selling is abit sporadic though. I'm just dying to get out of the house most of the time. Feeling like the dog again. Not that feeling bored is bad, just a natural hunger for some mental stimulation.

edit: 5.35pm, my parents pitied me and have agreed to take me out after dinner. I predict to a shopping mall, where else would my parents want to go, but beggars can't be choosers so i'm tagging along happily. Woof!

However, it's been good, this time i have at home. As i look for productive things to do around the house, i see God's hand in my life, grooming me and getting me accustomed to domestic household chores that i've never been interested in before. Not to say that i'm all thaaat interested in them now, but i'm getting used to the idea of it. Let's just say i'm starting to see God even in the mundane, which is great. I can say it started off during camp actually, getting me to mend stuff for AFC, taking care of the kids, caring for people in general. NO, i am not feeling maternal or the biological clock ticking, don't misunderstand. Just rejoicing in the fact that God teaches me through all these simple and small things, preparing me for my future, whatever it may be. He gives me opportunities to practice beforehand, it's so thoughtful.

Friday, January 04, 2008

My new journal

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As you can see, I have been practicing my photography, which sad to say hasn't improved all that much. With the new old camera, i have discovered some new functions, especially since Dad never keeps the manual for cameras, preferring to push buttons in a trial and error manner, which in turn forces me to discover things i'd rather find out from a manual in a trial and error manner. Oh well, my subject for today is my brand new journal. I used to journal a long time back, but i've never journalled to keep record of my walk with God and chart my progress, so this is new. I remember writing very anxiously in the past, because i always want to note down every detail of some event that i perceived to be important then. Every detail! And quickly too, before i forget all about it, which i often do. Then i stopped. And i think it was about the same time i got hooked onto Blogger. Haha, oh well. It is always better to write, you can almost see the emotion popping out from the handwritten words.

2008 Goals

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Okay, since making the resolution to make Godly resolutions, i'd like to set some goals for myself for 2008. I want to:
  • Increase time spent in prayer & Bible study
  • Learn to be more patient
  • Pursue good healthy friendships
  • Make effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle: eating well, sleeping sufficiently and other things pertaining to keeping a lifestyle that glorifies God.
  • Start journalling again
I think i better stop here, before i trip myself up with my own foot or something.


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Remember that post i had on prayer punctuation? Well this isn't so much the point i wanted to make back then, but it's just as odd.

It started off with the post from Radical Womenhood with this picture that accompanied this statement,
Personal typo torture: to lie beneath such a grievous punctuation error and be unable to reach out from the grave to edit it!

I continued to these interesting blogs she linked, called the "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks and Apostrophe Abuse, which really gave me a tickle. It's been a while since i've managed to get a laugh from these things cos really, it happens so often, you just turn a blind eye now.


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I wanted to wake up at 10.30 today. That did not happen.
I was jolted wildly awake by a horrific dream *Okay! Very few of you already know what it is and it WAS horrific to me* at 10am. Sigh.

I was worried for a while that camp has killed my writing, as i don't seem to be able to write any longer than the current length posts, but this, it was so monumental, i wrote a humongously long post *as compared to the current length* on the private blog. Phew! I can still journal! Small mercies in the midst of emotional turmoil.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


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Lesson #1 to be learnt in the new year : don't mess with it if it's good enough.
Lesson #2 : Save everything before you change anything.

Explains the current look of the blog. Just so you know, we are UNDER RENOVATION. Segala kesulitan amat dikesali.

edit: I have miraculously managed to recover the original template. Phew! All panic has subsided, renovation sign still up though.

edit: I have miraculously managed to accidentally delete everything again, without saving, yet again. No more panic attacks, but annoyance is building up. I should just go to sleep.

edit: I have miraculously managed to recover the template that i want. I will stop all this soon and just go to sleep before i die of a severe heart attack when i accidentally delete everything again.

edit: it's 11.48PM. I have managed to get it to look exactly like i want it to. Soon has come and gone, now i'm finally gonna leave. Really.


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I have yet to finish most of my Christmas pressies. Hahaha, i realise that it is way past Christmas or New Year. Gah...oh well, what's a little waiting among friends. Very few got their presents on time this year, i can count them in my hand. Chalk that up to the busy-ness of camp stuff, general laziness and slothlike lethargy after camp. College starts next week, i'm sorta looking forward and not looking forward to classes at the same time, not that i don't like classes, just certain lecturers kill me. Oh well, it's nice to have things to do, instead of having to wonder what should i do next, like i have been for the past 6 months. That's all an update for today.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolving to have Godly Resolutions

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Still the start of the new year, but i haven't had time to really sit down and reflect closely on the past year until today. Scrapping my previous years resolutions to not make any resolutions i cannot keep, which is in retrospect quite a silly idea because i thought even if i try, i don't think i could achieve all of them anyway so why bother. Well, times have changed and ideas change too.

Do hard things, right? Can't teach what i don't know, so my first resolution is to have Godly resolutions. What comes after... well, for me to know only. Good luck God with your own resolutions! May you be faithful and consistent to fulfilling the purpose you were created for, in making much of the Lord.