Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Turning 21

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I predict that this year, not surprisingly, that i will be attending quite a number of celebrations for friends turning 21. Having been to many such parties already... well, experience tells me that those parties are not what i want for my birthday celebrations, if any. I originally didn't want anything big, but my mum tells me that i'm expected to throw some shin-dig for people. See, that's where i get confused. I'm the one being celebrated, but i need to have some celebration FOR people. Well, since tradition and a certain amount of vanity requires... for crying out loud! It's only January! Wait til the invites find you.

The thing is, i have hopes of great presents this year. Might sound particularly materialistic, but if i get presents at all, i'd like things that mean something! Something personal between me and the gift-giver, something i'd cherish and remember. I think all presents should be that way, lovingly made or selected, wrapped in love for the gift-receiver. Otherwise what's the point of a present? So here i am, shamelessly asking you to bless me with meaningful presents or just bless me with your presence. Or both, if you can manage it *grin*

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  1. We're getting oh-so very old...but yeah, I made a post asking for presents as well =P it's practical!