Friday, June 30, 2006

Aww man!

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I don't understand why my parents are so weird. It always goes like this, first, they ask me what i want to do. Then i tell them and they say ok. THEEEEENNNNNNNN, later, they'll say, oh no la not good la, too far away la, sucks la, difficult la, whatever shit la, and you do this at this place that i'm picking for you.


My mum always tells me, you choose, cos this is what you'll be doing for the rest of your life and i don't want u to say that i pushed you into this. But then they do this.


I'm not pissed la. Just abit annoyed at this stupid thing. Make up your mind la, whether u wanna let me choose or just you going to choose for me anyway. Bugger.

And what the heck does fashion design got to do with having good skin? Damn annoying k. So what? I'm designin for people, not for me. Dumb &%($@. I can create ezcema friendly clothing wert...BLEHHH

Went out with Ash & CCY today. CCY just came back from Russia. She shopped like crazy, the other two monkeys were just consultants. Free labor summore. Maybe i should start charging for all the good fashion sense i knock into people. HAhahahaa. And Goodness, did i show such restraint today! My wallet only came out for food and parking! Strange happenings.
And its not that i didn't have money! I'm so proud of myself.

*ohshit. I just remembered i owe LV a hundred bucks*

Curiosity killed the cat

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Look at this silly meow. He heard me in the toilet and so he climbed up to see what was happening. Little rascal!

He's going to a new home tho tomorrow. I can't keep him anymore. Poor little bugger. I'll miss my man. Kept me from loneliness. Snuggly wuggly little furball.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Shopping Mania

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My new purse is so empty.

Hahaha, all the money has been cleared, except for a couple of measly ten ringgit notes.

I'm terrible, i actually just came back from the Loreal warehouse sale in Crown Princess, KL. LV n i got there quite late so quite a lot of the goodies had been swiped already.
But we still got some things!!!
I bought Amor Amor by Cacharel. We tried on so many perfumes that in the end we couldn't tell which was which! LV bought more, RM200+ worth of stuff. Bleh, i'm so broke i could only afford that one bottle.

I'm also broke cos the day before, i went to look for Mel's bday prezzie with Qian n Chiam. It's quite surprising, they're not too weird to be around with, not like some other couples i know *muahahahaha, you know who you are!* I spent quite abit there too. Two pairs of shoes, a new purse *yeah, the one that's empty* and a couple of other things that i can't remember. It got so bad i had to ask them to not let me open my bag to take my purse out again.

Not to mention the movie watching a few days ago too. Ahahaha, i need to stop shopping. At least now, cos i'm broke, i can't go shopping. Well, Got to go prepare for a party tonight, i can't say why or where for fear of people reading about it before it happens. Signin' OuT!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm very Hol(e)y Now

Heh, went for another check up. The Doc says everything is not healing fast enough *cos he understands how horrible this ordeal is for a girl!!!* and he wants to speed things up.

So i'm thinking oh wow yay! Then he tells me ok strip.


Haha, today is the day of the many injections. Bugger. He poked almost 70+ holes in me, although he said be prepared for 30-40 injections.

Sounds painful right? After the 25th one, i stopped counting and gave in. To the Sweet Pain. After the 30th one *ok i really stopped counting after 30* i couldn't even feel the pain anymore, all the pain from each individual poke combined together and cancelled each other out.

When the *i'm not sure* almost 50th one came about, the cancellation stopped and the PAIN started again.

Interesting anot this Tale of Two (hundred?) Itchies?

By now, i'm feeling-less.

Oh did i forget to mention the BLOOD TEST was today also?
Haha..more pokey pokeys!

And such is my luck,
my veins are so fine,
that the doctors so blind,
and they cannot find,
that dumb vein of MINE,
so i yell what the ... er... use your imagination la.
*oh wow, look where the lightheadedness has gotten me!! I'm RHYMING =?

And so she poked me once, and twice and three times!!! And i couldn't even fill all the tubes. DingBAT blood.

By the third poke, she sympthised and said ok ok la...should be enough for them. They should use the blood sparingly...hehehe. Man...what a day, ennit?

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hospital woes

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Sorry for the long absence of self and posts. I've been in the hospital for a week, cos my skin is giving me havoc! Can't sleep, can't eat this that, bla bla bla. So i terlantar in Assunta, made a few friends, got a lot of sleep and bored myself out of my brains. When i got out today i was so hyper...jumping around here and there, dancing like crazy at hip hop class.

Anyway, do you know how hard the nurses work? Early morning til late night and have to see all sorts of weird stuff and disgusting stuff. So please, any of you masuk hospital, please be polite and thank the nurses kay? And besides, if you don't treat them nicely, they'll tell all your horror stories to each other and to nice patients like me. So the whole ward will know what an evil person you are and the nurses will avoid you and will have to restrain from spitting in your medicine cup. And if you are mean, memang padan if u swallow some spit.

So there was this lady who supposedly was a nurse as well, but she acts so mengade that all the nurses try not to go to her room unnecessarily. She presses the 'Call for Nurse' buttons so many time u'd think she has Parkinson's, cannot control her hand movements, you know. And when the nurses arrive, its always some small trivial thing that she cannot do herself. And she's so particular about everything...and she keeps the nurses from doing other work too. Damn teruk wei...So they were telling me about her and releasing some stress. Hehehe.

Ok, i have to go sleep sleepy la. Oh YES, look forward to some CHANGE.
*not in the site tho*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

25% Asian, 30% Black, 15% Latino, 15%White...

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But that only adds up to 85%? What's the remaining 15%??? Yerrrrrr

[ ] Math is your best skill
[x] You love technology and cant live w/o it
[x] You eat Chinese food
[ ] You are short
[x] You own a calculator
[x] You like to wear sandals
[ ] You have nice car(s)
[ ] You dont like to play sports
[x] You like karaoke
total: 5

[ ] You like to drink Kool-Aid
[x]You love chicken
[ ] You like to play basketball or football
[ ] You go to AJ Wright or Marshalls to get your
[x] You like to wear hats / caps
[x] You hate school
[x] You wear baggy pants
[x] You like to listen to Rap and R&B
[x] You're always broke
[ ] You say bitch after 85% of your words
total: 6

[ ] soccer is your sport
[ ] You always steal things
[ ] You like sneaking into places
[x] You love beans
[ ] You love rice
[x] You also love Hot sauce
[ ] You always take your time
[x] You love soda
[ ] You like to watch Telemundo
[ ] You never like to wear pants
[ ] You instigate in fights
[ ] You understand this: "Mira muchacho el diablo!"
[ ] You Like Batchata Merengue y Reggaeton
total: 3

[ ] You play hockey as a sport
[ ] You get all your clothes at American Eagle
and Abercrombie
[x] You always have money
[x] You listen to rock
[ ] You cant jump
[ ] You`re scared of saying the n***** word
[x] You wear tight pants
[ ] You love school
[ ] You own a pair of DC's/Etnies/Vans
[ ] You like to watch Laguna beach

Now count up the x's in the group and
multiply it by 5

Happy Birthday to me...

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Eventful yes?

Depressing no?

I'm officially a year away from 'THE TWENTIES'. I can no longer be called a teen, i can no longer act childish and justify my childish-ness with age, is that really a reason for me to be happy? Huhuhu...=(

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bugger Off

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Remember those nutters on Friendster that i was telling you about a coupla posts ago? Well, it seems like my post has caused an influx of 'add my Friendster' invites. Heh. You'd think they'd be repelled or something, but heh. Idiots.

And the thing i can't stand the most is that some of these invites, i can only barely grasp the gist of the message cos the England ees 2 powDUHfool 4my under 2 stand. I get it if you're stupid, under-educated or something of the sort. But i HATE it when sufficiently educated and intelligent people can't be bothered to take the time to spell out a decent 'testie'. And now, they don't have to! Wonders of wonders! Now Friendster allows images and poster-like things that you can post as a testimonial. *For all the lazy and those who can't spell, NOT TO WORRY!!! Here are stupid stuff to help you seem even stupider! Here's more to spam your friend's testi box with!!!'

Ok, enough banging sesat Friendster users.

Lately, i've been meeting alot of blur people and people who are blur but are too thick to realise that they're blur. They're starting to get on my nerves. All the 'ahh, dunnola', 'anythingla', 'you choose la' or 'Duh'...'I mean, like, SERIOUSLY'. AHAHAHAHAH oh man. It's a bimbo colony! ...No wonder Pink was compelled to write such a song about them...

Anyway, as you probably would have noticed by now, i'm PMSing. Ignore all the above and move on with your normal lives. I will return to normal in 2 days.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life with my Friend

I have a friend.

She's always with me.

She's not a very nice friend.

She always annoys me, aggravates me, pisses me off.

She bugs my life.

I hate her.

Her name is Ezcema.

Unfortunately, ezcema is a permanent part of my life. It was engraved into my genes before i was born. It wasn't caught, or contagious or caused by dirty lifestyle. In fact, the cleaner you live, as in your household is completely clean and 'hygienic', cos your immune system has probably yet to have developed immunity against viruses and bacterias as compared to a less than perfect place of living. My parents, no matter how supportive i know they mean to be, cannot understand. Sometimes, their sensitivity to my 'condition' is totally insensitive.

Oh well, such is life. Even if i get rid of all the evidence of ezcema, it might pop up again the next time i'm stressed. And the thing is, it IS different for a guy to have ezcema and for a girl to have it. Cos girls can still fall for guy with some little extras, like ezcema, fats, old age or ugliness. I'm not criticising men here but just take a look at the stats. Whats the percentage of younger guys marrying older women, compared with younger women marrying older guys? I'm so not accepting arguments with Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore in mind. That's Hollywood, this is real life. Besides, when a younger man marries an older woman, he's sympathetic, patient and all but when a younger woman marries an older man, she's a gold digger, money eyed ho. How fair is that?

Same thing applies to my case. How many guys would go out with a girl like me? *not talking about then, talking about NOW* I'm always covered up, no skin showing anywhere. The other day, an old lady came up to me and told me, 'Oh you dress so nicely nowadays, not like the other girls.' Heh, i'm wondering whether i should be complimented or offended. Cos if i didnt have this, i probably would be dressed like them too.

But then again, like i say about guys who are intimidated by my height or loudness, it's a surefire way to eliminate the losers.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thank you!!!

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I didn't expect the wishlist to really amount to anything but well! Look how that turned out!

Thanks to all who got presents...wasn't that necessary! I would have loved it if we had gone out for dinner together, just the pleasure of your company would have been enough.

Thanks to Elvy for that over enthusiastic, embarrassing, danged early birthday song dedication at Alexis. It was beautifully rendered, altho albeit OTT. HAahahaha. Thanks!