Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eleventeen hundred yonkerzones away

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Is it just me or is eleven days really long?

And isn't it just so short?

The long and short of it all is that i can't wait to be married to my mr Miller.

The girls made this scrapbook for me on my bridal shower. And i really want to see it! The front cover was really pretty, it has my name and it read : An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. Taken from Proverbs 31. I really did have a fantastic time. I'm so excited to see the recipes and little notes inside, the poems and sayings, everything lah. I'm really glad Adrian and i both had good bachelor/bachelorette parties. Let men be encouraged to be men and women to be women, to embrace their roles as God intended it. That's the best party i could ever ask for.

It's finally sunk in on me, amidst all the festivities, how serious this is. We have received our vows that we are supposed to memorize (no papers allowed) and as if the content isn't hard enough, at the end it reads "And this is my solemn vow." Big promises, big keeping it after the wedding. Quoting Joy, the wedding is where you make these promises but the marriage... that's where you keep them. Thank God that i believe in total depravity, which means i am a sinful human being who desires no more than to rebel against God but God in his great mercy, has provided me a means of salvation, found only in His Son Jesus Christ's death and resurrection as atonement for my rebellion which rightfully deserves death. And it is God who works in me, changes me, gives me the Godly character and continues his work til Jesus comes again. So its now possible for me, sinful and rebellious, to be a Godly woman, a good wife and part of God's saved people, his treasured possession. Every time i read my vows, i see all that and i'm glad that i have that to remind me.

Monday, March 29, 2010

an English rose

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It's two days away from single digits. I'm gonna go nuts! *cue song : I'm so excited... and i just can't hide it!* Why can i only think of songs now? But when it comes to the time, i mind blank. Oh Mickey.

About my bridal shower, I leave you with these:

...with the lights off.
...without brushing your teeth.
...clean your ears.


It was a blast! As you've probably already seen on facebook or other means, it was a mad hatter's tea party. The food was UH-MAY-ZING! There was so much left over and Swen took it all back!

My boy's videos were the cutest! Of course, no one else thinks so except me. They were the highlight of my night, except when he turned up outside to fetch me =P

Now that it's so close, i feel like i want to be with him all the time. But that's silly isn't it? Cos i'll be with him for the rest of my life. So i'm making time to see all these other people i haven't seen in a while, and just waiting. Impatiently, but i'm still waiting.

Friday, March 26, 2010

15 days...

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Ribbons have been bought, and yet there's still more to buy.
Cloth has yet to be bought.
Candles have been bought, and yet there's still a matter of fire safety issues.
The dress is close to done, and yet it is not complete.

I am so tired. I can't wait til the honeymoon. I want to sleep. Hahaha. Like for real ZZZ kinda sleep.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's only 17 days now

I think we're starting to communicate better, thanks to us being made aware of our strange habits in one of our premarital counselling sessions. We're making dates just to talk (well just one so far, but we will do more). We talk more now about important things, and we (or at least, me) try our best not to shy away from hard stuff. And we're happily receiving RSVPs now almost every day. I'm glad so many of my friends are coming!

I am really looking forward to my second bridal shower this saturday! I enjoyed the first one very much, i'd love to catch up with my friends more. It was really great hearing about where everyone's been and where they're going. And so for the second, I'm really excited to have all my good friends there to have a girly night, filled with fun, laughter, encouragement and prayer. It's already so close and i can't ask for more than a hang out with my girls to take my mind of the craziness. I'm hoping for Adrian to have a good time with his boys on Friday night too. I hope that the men will encourage him to be a godly man and husband and have a fun time celebrating. I can only pray that everyone who comes will enjoy themselves and hopefully take something back with them, even if it's totally different from the usual hen nights. I can't imagine having a usual hen night. I can't understand why any God-glorifying girl would want to have one like that.

I'm really so very very tippytoes excited to see what the girls have come up with for me on saturday! Thank you Mel, Nat and Joy for organizing it for me! You guys rock!

Adrian would like to add : I'm glad we have these people organizing our pre-wedding parties. A grateful thank you to Justin and Jeremy too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Imaginary conversations

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Caller : Hello, can i speak for (insert name here)?

Erin : (in her world of imaginary conversations) No you may not, the person shall speak for himself. However, if you wish to speak TO (insert name here), you may.

Erin : (in real life) Okay, please hold on, let me put you through.


Caller : Harlow, meyshpeetoo (insert name here)?

Erin : (in her world of imaginary conversations) Yeshumey, pleesholdawn, ayputiooothroo.

Erin : (in real life) Okay, please hold on, let me put you through.

Friday, March 19, 2010

twenty two days!

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I'm getting married in twenty two days! TWENTY TWO days! I'm going nuts with excitement. Like a dog on a leash in the park. All this wait wait wait wait waiting... is crazy after close to eleven months of it! That's like a whole year! I can't wait no more! This is going to be the longest twenty two days of my life. Or at least it will feel like the longest til perhaps when i'm in labor. Then it will be the longest i dont wanna know how long hours of my life.

Tomorrow! I'm gonna see the house again and go to the IKEA sale FINALLY! Hopefully there's still stuff left for our house! I'm so excited, i'm moving quickly from delegate mode to nesting mode!

Oh ya! I forgot to update you guys on how the photoshoot went. We had it last Saturday in Ipoh with Joel and his team. My cheeks hurt remembering how much we had to smile that day. Hahaha, it was fun. There was a point though where Joel was like, "Okay, i don't want to close up on your face anymore. You look tired." Gahaha yeah, poor Adrian was tired to begin with, much more ending with. I'm not gonna show you more, just the one, on the sidebar. I'll save the rest for the slideshow or something else. It was so funny on the way back, cos i drove at first but then i got sleepy and dozy, then he drove so i fell asleep in the passenger side. Then we stopped and i woke up and i was like huh? Where the heck are we? This doesn't look like home. He was sleepy la so had to stop at one of the rest places. So i woke up and drove a little way further and then it got really rainy, my eyesight is super bad at night especially if it rains. So he had to take over again. Thankfully we eventually got home.

It was a real different experience though, these pre-wedding photoshoot things. Adrian and i ended up talking about a whole lot of nothing when we were trying to look like we were having a deep and meaningful. I guess our brains could only concentrate on posing, smiling and trying not to look fake and our conversations suffered for that. I asked him to play a real song for me when he was posing with a guitar and he couldn't think of any. Previously, when we were just on our own, he would just randomly play all sorts of things. Although some things never change. Pretend fights and cheeky, mischievious grins, that's my specialty that will never ever change. Anyway, i hope you all enjoy in 15 minutes the hours and effort we all put into the photos.

Friday, March 12, 2010

a scene from Heroes that reminds me

(Matt sits at the bar with his drink and pops a bar mix. The bartender walks up to him.)

BARTENDER: How you doing?

MATT: Well, I'm, uh --

BARTENDER: (thinking) It's a rhetorical question. Just say "fine" and order a drink.

MATT: Uh, fine. Whatever you got on tap.
(The bartender fills Matt’s order.)


This is common, no? People ask how are you, but don't wait for an answer or don't care to hear an answer. I prefer the "don't ask, don't tell". More honest that way.
At work i hear that a lot. "How are you?" "I'm good, you?" "Yeah, i'm good too." What kind of answer can you give to that sort of question anyway? "Well... I'm not really good." Would people ask why? Do people really want to know why? I doubt it.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

one more month!

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I cannot lie : I WILL BE OVERJOYED WHEN ALL THIS IS OVER and life gets back to normal. I can only take that much crazy for so long.

Monday, March 08, 2010

We're closing in and these people are super

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Every day draws closer to the first day of a lifetime of marriage. By now, i am pretty happy to have the day come as quickly as possible. Most things are done. I say most. At this point, i am Ms Delegate Everything. Perfection will never be acheived and i will never be able to do everything myself. So i'm very happy to let everyone else handle everything.

Diana is doing this marvellous job with the fruitcake baking. She completed like 6 huge cakes in less than a week. I don't even LIKE fruit cake, but her's tastes quite nice. Maybe cos belum soak a lot in brandy yet. I don't like the brandy taste. She's also buying the legal copies of music to play at the two dinners. She's a gem!

My sister is coming back in 2 days! I'm very excited to have her back (so i can put her to work). Nolah! It's been so quiet without her. I dunno what i'm gonna do when i'm in my new home and alone when Adrian's not around.

The house is almost ours! Adrian's watching over the proceedings like a hawk. I can't wait to move in and redo the whole place. It's gonna look so cool (at least in my head la).

Mel and Nat are planning my bridal shower. Nat (who's also my day of coordinator) is continuously making me feel guilty for not being organized, hahaha! It's good, it's good! She's like the army general keeping me on my toes. Ah so many things i would forget if not for her. And i hear some interesting things are popping up for the shower. I'm not sure to be worried or excited =P

My mum did the trial cake! It was yummy but needed more orange flavor. Everyone in church got a taste and loved it! They all said it was very nice and moist and yummy. Can't wait to taste the real thing! Her dress oso came back from the tailor's oredi, it looks cool, especially with her super cun shoes. I'll put up photos soon.

My photographer has thrown in a free pre-wedding photoshoot too! So this Saturday, we're going on a field trip to Ipoh! Adrian bought me this really pretty dress to take photos in. The boy is so sweet.

A million other people are helping out in so many ways, i can hardly count! All in all, i'm very thankful for all the people who've helped out in any way. It means a lot to have everyone sorta being invested into this. I hope it means that in the same way, they will support our marriage as well, in praying for us and keeping us God-focused.

Friday, March 05, 2010


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This dingbat of mine sent me a sweet email today :
Glad to see us preaching the gospel that gave us life and hope. Glad to see us preaching the gospel that gives us hope for a godly marriage. Glad for the union between Christ and his church. Glad for the union that is to be between you and me.
Well, i'm glad too =)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm glad i look young to you all, but why can't i see it?

Yet another person has declared to me today that they thought i was 18 yrs old til they found out my real age. Twice in a week is pretty spectacular. Haha. I just can't see it though, but i'm guessing that's cos i get to feel all my years.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


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The many faces of my fiance. So adorable.

Forty days and my legs hurt

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A long weekend of tan lines, funny gadgets and more can't-waiting-to-get-married-to-my-man. Back to the real world of paying bills and organizing the amazing ceremony that i will be married in. I totally loved all the time to hear what God says to us about relationships over the weekend. Well, not all of it. I haven't quite gotten over my fear of procreational pain... but at least i am looking forward to embracing God's Creation Order. Marriage to serve God yo! If it ain't for that, it ain't nuthin'.

I'm officially on ministry break. I've been given a 3 month reprieve to prepare for everything upcoming and to make our marriage work. Still, there's so much to do!