Monday, March 08, 2010

We're closing in and these people are super

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Every day draws closer to the first day of a lifetime of marriage. By now, i am pretty happy to have the day come as quickly as possible. Most things are done. I say most. At this point, i am Ms Delegate Everything. Perfection will never be acheived and i will never be able to do everything myself. So i'm very happy to let everyone else handle everything.

Diana is doing this marvellous job with the fruitcake baking. She completed like 6 huge cakes in less than a week. I don't even LIKE fruit cake, but her's tastes quite nice. Maybe cos belum soak a lot in brandy yet. I don't like the brandy taste. She's also buying the legal copies of music to play at the two dinners. She's a gem!

My sister is coming back in 2 days! I'm very excited to have her back (so i can put her to work). Nolah! It's been so quiet without her. I dunno what i'm gonna do when i'm in my new home and alone when Adrian's not around.

The house is almost ours! Adrian's watching over the proceedings like a hawk. I can't wait to move in and redo the whole place. It's gonna look so cool (at least in my head la).

Mel and Nat are planning my bridal shower. Nat (who's also my day of coordinator) is continuously making me feel guilty for not being organized, hahaha! It's good, it's good! She's like the army general keeping me on my toes. Ah so many things i would forget if not for her. And i hear some interesting things are popping up for the shower. I'm not sure to be worried or excited =P

My mum did the trial cake! It was yummy but needed more orange flavor. Everyone in church got a taste and loved it! They all said it was very nice and moist and yummy. Can't wait to taste the real thing! Her dress oso came back from the tailor's oredi, it looks cool, especially with her super cun shoes. I'll put up photos soon.

My photographer has thrown in a free pre-wedding photoshoot too! So this Saturday, we're going on a field trip to Ipoh! Adrian bought me this really pretty dress to take photos in. The boy is so sweet.

A million other people are helping out in so many ways, i can hardly count! All in all, i'm very thankful for all the people who've helped out in any way. It means a lot to have everyone sorta being invested into this. I hope it means that in the same way, they will support our marriage as well, in praying for us and keeping us God-focused.


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