Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dance crazy person roaming!

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Warning: if you see crazy dancing person jiggling around anywhere, its me.

I've been dance crazy for the last week or so. Breakdance, hip hop and all are taking up most of my time. I definitely have plans for myself for these 3 mths. I wanna do so much, split, achieve a handstand, bla bla bla. There are improvements *i've been making my sis take photos of my freezes so i can see how far i'm doing right* but its moving along pretty slowly. My handstands are freaking cacat. I can't even get up. But i'll get there someday. I hope soon.

Hip hop with Joel is craaaaaazeeeeeeeeeeee. Its because of him i have to declare Monday as a day of rest. Actually no la, its a compulsory thing, i dont have to declare it, but it just is. Cos by Monday, my body will be so dead, its 6 feet under. Otherwise, i would be practicing everyday. At least 4 hrs of my day is devoted to stretching, practicing and breaking. Sheesh.
I really suck at breaking but i don't want to give up. Mainly cos Daniel is still in hip hop with his two left feet and two right hands. And he's trying so hard to catch up and he's not giving up. He's my INSPIRATION. If there is one person who i would say i really really look up to, its Daniel.

Other than that, nothing much has been happening. I went for the opening of Forever21 on the 26th. Other than some free gifts, a beautiful new necklace and a retro print scarf, its alot like Topshop, and other similar brands. And the prices are not that great. Just probably slightly cheaper than Topshop and MNG. But i have to admit, they do have some great stuff that i really like. But i think i'll wait until the hype lowers and season sales start before i go and look for nice stuff there. Cos its probably going to be one of the most popular places to go for about a month or two. One thing of interest though, the glass planes of the shop, sort of like French windows are absolutely beautiful. It's so distinctive among the other open area shops around it and sticks out like a sore thumb. It looks like a mini house in the middle of One U. So i think, stay away for a while...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Argue argue

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When you are a kid, you argue that you don't get this don't get that...
"But maaaa...Lisa's mom gave her the toy. Why can't i have it as well?"

When you're a teen, you argue some more, about why can't i go out, why must i be back so early...
"But daddeeeee...all my friends curfews are 12...why must i come back at 10????"

When you're an adult, you argue even more.
Spend your life arguing.

For what?

Ergh...what a waste of emotional energy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


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10:00pm Stupid prepaid system.


08.30pm Need to get top up. Balance = RM0.03

09:15pm Topped up RM30. Balance = RM30.03

09:17pm Send message to StDavinus and someone else whom i can't remember. Balance = RM29.**

09:30pm Check balance. *GASP* Faint from shock.

09:31pm Wake up, anger sinks in. Balance = RM10.53

09:31pm WHAT THE HECK??!?!??!?!

09:35pm Try sending another message.

09:36pm Check balance. FAINT AGAIN. Balance = RM0.03

09:36pm I'm back where i started.

Back to the now...

10:06pm Sitting at laptop, cheesed off at dumb things happening. Writing angry blogpost.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Grab, grab, grab

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And before your dirty minds take you somewhere not so clean, i mean grab photos. I've been busily grabbing photos from here and there to complete my not so complete photo stash now thanks to my dearest dad who successfully caused a virus that erased all my photos, music...basically just everything. So if any of you have any of me, pls email it to me. Hu hu hu...i've been roaming friendster accounts and all the different sites i may have uploaded pictures to. Thank goodness for the blog, i uploaded several nicer photos there and also the AFC website...most of the good pictures are there. But i still had so many...that i'll never be able to replace. Damn.

Oh Well...i'll just take it as a sign to start afresh and cam whore more!!! HAHAHAHAHA

And on the topic of grabbing, there's this particular person who's copying my drawings. Now as i have said before, i don't really care about this plagiarism, copy whatever thingie, but then this particular person is someone close enough to me that i know for sure this person cannot draw like that. I suppose imitation is the best form of compliment. Haahhaha, if you so hard up to copy though, copy la betul betul...cantik sikit...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wanna rebel?

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Its an observation of mine that a lot of Anglican churches are slowly but surely getting rid of their youth. I thought it might be just something that cropped up in one or two churches but as my network gets bigger, now i see that its all.

Imperfect People, Imperfect Church
NO church is perfect. Period. Haha if you believe your church is perfect... HAHAHAHAH. There. In your face. No such thing as a perfect church cos the church is made up of us. And we are imperfect people. Therefore, imperfect church. And leaders. Hah, leaders, people must remember that leaders are imperfect people too. They make mistakes, maybe make wrong choices or decisions, but God must have put them in that position of power for a reason, right? I believe there is a reason these leaders, may it be in a youth group, a particular ministry or the clergy itself, are put in the shoes that they fill, even though sometimes, they might screw up. AND BAD. So even though the things that they do and the choices that they make might be really teruk, we don't really know what God's big picture is. So sometimes we must cut them some slack. And i'm not speaking just for the paid ones, i also mean the unpaid ones, the volunteers, the you and me.

Sometimes in dissension, people must find unity. In war, peace...bla bla more mushy shit. But its true. The reason why is Satan. Satan causes dissension, war and strife. And even though we might not agree, the ultimate thing that we have to do is to agree to disagree and UNITE. We should fight the enemy, not each other. Sometimes people get too caught up in the fight that they forget to step back and try and see God's big picture, especially when it involves personal stuff. You get too angry to want to understand; other people, God... But you always have to remember, that the source of these problems is Satan and you CANNOT let this affect the church. So really, SUCK IT UP and stick together.

Cos we're in this together, and i don't want this ship to sink. Especially with me in it, heh...

Hypocrite, Schmipocrite
And by the way, those hypocrites? Yeah, you know those people everyone talk about, who smoke and club and do funny stuff but go to church and show good faces? Heh, look in the mirror, cos they're you and they're me. Everyone shows a good face in church, its almost an obligation. So its really no biggie if everyone in church can tick off "hypocrite" as a profession. Should you be surprised? I don't think so, but you should be concerned. And perhaps pursue an MO of changing this situation...Here's a example of what you can do:
1. Look into mirror.
2. Try and pluck *or in more severe cases, chop off* the plank in eye.
3. Then take a goooooooood look at self and evaluate according to Jesus.
4. Change self.
5. If you succeed, then inspire others around you to change.
Note of caution: After #4, try to avoid forcing others to change. Doesn't always work.

See. Simple. If everyone does that, then no problem right?

So Wanna Rebel? Rebel against Satan.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sex and the defi-City

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Walking in MPH, i scoured the shelves for the book that became a famous tv series, Sex and the City. I've been searching high and low for it, but couldn't find it. Maybe cos i kept looking it up under Candace Bushnell, whereas i should have been looking under Movie Tie-ins.

But today was my lucky day. I found it, hah, black and Hot Pink, with Carrie Bradshaw *laptop included* on the cover. Paid a Molotof cocktail for it *bomb is too big an amount* and quickly went home to read it. The introduction...promising...Tada! Chapter one. Goes quite similarly to the first episode, but i must remind myself that this is the original book, and usually the book isn't the same as the show. So i read again. Bla bla bla, in 30 mins, i have successfully skipped through the entire thing.

In fantasy, i imagined the book to be fantastic; the series was, shouldn't the book be the same if not more? In reality, it sucked. To say the least. There is not enough time to say what was wrong with the book. Ultimately, the safest approach to this book is: Don't watch the show first. Cos the book, heh, falls far far far far far from the tree.

Stupid kids

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I absolutely cannot stand kids. Hm. Especially annoying kids. Kids on those roller shoe thingamajiggies. Kids who yell, scream, bite, whatever. Kids, fullstop. Where oh where is my maternal instinct? Ya think it would have kicked in by now, but no. Its no where in sight.

And today only further proved my point. I would say the day started off badly cos i woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but i only have one side to get off on so that can't be helped *shrug*. And this kid! This damn annoying kid! This damn annoying *&@^$**!& kid decides to smack me *yes!!!* SMACK ME, not accidentally walk into me, not accidentally swing his hand and hit me, he SMACKED ME. On PURPOSE. Ass of a kid. I'm just walking in MV and i saw him, and i moved out of his way but he still SMACKED me. ON PURPOSE.

If i could growl, that would have been a growl that came out of my mouth. Including the waves of illfeeling that washed over the little brat. Okay, okay. I need to chill. I hate kids, have i mentioned that oredi?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

thePrintaholics Greeting Cards for Mother's day!

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Here are some Cards from thePrintaholics collection that you can get from me! If you are interested, pls contact me. Each card is RM4.50.

Get them while they're still available!

Prevention is better than a cure?

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But why is it that prevention always comes after something happens then?

Bla bla bla, long story short, the foggers came to fog my area, after the hospital was forced to report a few more cases from here. Like after the first three were reported, which was in february, they came and fogged, twice in a week i think. But after that week, no more is heard from them. Now, they come back. Why? Because someone else nearly died.

Damn bodoh. How much it takes to fog, i don't know, but i'm sure it won't cost more than someone's life. I mean, sure people living here must take prevention and get rid of breeding areas, but we can only do so as far as our house and immediate area is concerned. What about the stupid "pond" outside? It's just an empty piece of land, no one uses, owned by don't know what kinda useless owner, that collects rain water and is ample breeding ground. Sigh, why are the people in charge so tak berguna?

Sigh, looks like some of us are just destined to make an impact upon death rather than in life.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

why, why, WHY

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Why, oh why isn't there a Christian artist's camp or something like that? If any of you know of such things, please! PLEASE give me details...I've heard of musicians camp, writers camp, dancers camp...bla bla bla...but they don't have an artists camp!!! *that i know of anyway* Something where artists can come together, draw, paint, sketch, do whatever, in expression of or to God. Where we can gather and share on experiences with THE Creator, the Ultimate Designer. It's so unfair.

This one has been on my mind for a long long time, ever since i came across the Phases magazine and everything. I thought their writer's camp would be interesting, but i'm not a very good writer, anymore anyway. So i'm so pai seh to go. Buat malu je. *cringe* Maybe this is a SIGN!!! A sign that i should look for a Christian artist group or start one maybe. Hmm...

I don't know!!! Is this a sign or what? What am i supposed to do? I would love to start something like this, a group of people who love the Lord and love art. It would be so cool! Free expression and creative ideas just free-flowing. Wow. I'm so overwhelmed with this sudden inflow of ideas and inspiration! I think i'll pray and see how things go. If i'm supposed to do this, i'll know.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lies, lies, lies

I dread the fact that everyday i tell a lie. Cos i can't face up to the fact that i don't really want people to know THAT much about me. I like keeping things to myself *mostly*. There's so much i keep to myself, that one day, i could just burst into an uncontrollable word vomit and all my terrible truths and shit come flowing out. I really admire people who have friend(s), who they can just pour out everything to and not worry about (over)judgement, ridicule or whether the hot juicy news will be in the newstand the following morning.

There aren't many people like this in my life. With most, i censor my mouth, limit it to the impersonal chit chat, bla bla gossip and everything else but myself. Even when i do say things about me, what i say only skims the surface. Not to all though. There are a certain few trustworthy people, but i notice that with some i entrust certain particular things, and with others, other things. I don't trust one particular person with entirely everything.

So maybe i have trust issues. But in a world like this, who doesn't. Where men break your heart, women stick knives in your back, and everyone lies. There's only one person i can trust and that is God. And if that is so, then by right, i should trust Him with everything, but i don't, can't, won't. Sigh...

If only i were a carefree toddler again. Nothing to think of except for when my next meal is coming.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Last Lunch

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Today is the last day. It's hard not to feel happy but it's quite sad too. These four monkeys, we won't be seeing each other for four months. Especially MooMooCow, who's going back to Melaka. Boo hoo hooo...

Not to mention it was a real rainy day, thunder and lightning and everything! We were the only ones left in class. And it was real scary cos we didn't switch on the airconditioning, so there's no sound except for us and the thunder and lightning.
It all sounded so familiar, like another of those stupid horror movies. We're all alone, thunder and lightning, and we get killed off one by one... We were freaked. So we compensated for the lack of noise by talking as loud as possible. HEhehe, now that's easy for us! Then we started discussing our business, the Printaholics and how we're gonna run things with everyone so far apart. That only made it more sad...reminder of how far we're going to be.
The chatting didn't help the freaking out as you can see in these pictures. We're all going abit psycho by the moment. Imagining things...what if the lights go off and we're stuck here? What if the door locks...Ergh, what are we going to do... As you all should be able to tell by now, we're easily over-dramatic. So all these things were all in our imagination only. Hey, we should have good imaginations!!!
Here was one last look at the hall where we walk...Looks so depressing. Not that i'll miss the college, i'll miss the people that coloured my walk through college.The End.

Friday, May 05, 2006

New idea for you

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Now here's a new idea for you guys. I've been accused of being not open-minded and whatever for this so i want to know. Apparently, in some scientific magazine, research and all, it says that we're born bisexuals. Huhmmmm...So what do you think?

I did read that we all start of as female before male parts develop on the males but i have yet to be enlightened on this bisexual thing. So we're born bisexual and by chance, we happen to become whatever we become. I'm telling you i'm open minded to logical explanations. Give me the proof and reasoning and if its logic enough, fine, i'll give you that. But this is bullshit. *actually not all times i listen to reason but hey, this would be one of them*

So i'm lucky to be hetero? Heh. StDavinus and BouncingNinjaTurtle, please enlighten me...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The kampung clan

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I went for this live recording whatchamacallit thingie, this DeOriginalMeow conned me into it. Haha, it's true! She said wanna see some Sheila Majid thing cos she's performing, and from what she told me i thought it was a concert sorta thing. My ass la, ingat ingat i'm going to be sitting down and watching the show only la. Turns out the audience must be active la. I actually was mortified...but it was okayla, not too bad.

I was very early, followed DeOriMeow there around 6pm when the show starts at 8.30pm. Puttered around with her, meeting this and that people. I tell you i feel like a freeloader, and also some ke le fe..hahhahaa. Anyway, the highlight of the day was of course the Sheila Majid action la. I won't say i'm a loyal fan, i hardly know any of her songs. Besides, her oldest album was out in 87. I was one. Do you think i would know any of her songs??

She was quite good actually. I liked her saucy jazzy numbers, it was funny *surprisingly, the few rare GOOD malay songs that i like* and i liked the provoking way she used...Made me laugh so it must have been some good.

Then...the grande finale...dum dum du dum....the management passed around little light sticks to pass around. I could hear the tickled breaths of joy the weirdos around me exhaled for these little joys in their life. So we're expected to wave these thingies like we're totally into the live concert, almost reaching charismatic church level kinda into it. And this pervert sitting next to me, already smelling like he rolled around in a pigsty before he came, gets all excited and lifts his stinky, overgrown bush, fungi-infected arm and waves into my personal space like there's no tomorrow. Ew.

Hah, wait for it...there's a topper to this story. The pervert tries to hit on me. "Cik, sila bertanya, you melayu ke cina?" And goes on to tell me how he can't tell, bla bla bla and keeps on going on and not realising i stopped listening before he even started until i say "Cina" and ignore him some more. He shut up after that. Heh.

So that's my experience with the kampung clan yesterday. Seriously, i don't have anything against Malays, or Indians, or Chinese for that matter. It's just the mat (insert whatever witty shit these people concoct to describe themselves), estate (insert another), and cina apeks that i can't stand. So if you terasa, awww. Too bad. *You sure don't look too highly of yourself, do you?*

Monday, May 01, 2006


You know those people that add you on Friendster? Where you have no idea who the heck they are? Or how they know you in the first place? Yeah, the ones with more than 10 anime images instead of their face uploaded into the photo section? Or more than one Ryan Cabrera image? The ones who can't read that it says,

The purpose of your photo on Friendster is to identify you, or to give potential friends within your personal network an idea of what you look like. That said, not all types of photos are suitable for use on Friendster.

We suggest you upload a high-quality photo of yourself that is both clear and current. Get as creative as you like! But please do not upload photos containing nudity or copyrighted images such as celebrity photos or illustrated cartoon characters. Photos depicting gore or hateful themes are also not permissible.

Yep, those particular annoying ones. I just click 'NO' straightaway if i see them. Cos i don't really want to know someone whos to afraid to put their face in the profile pic. I don't know you, i don't add you. That's the deal. Come on la! How bad can your face be? If i can put my ugly mug on, then you can too. Otherwise who the heck can see the difference of one Tan from another? Not to mention the stupid nicknames...hiding behind alteregos/pseudonyms whatever. It's ridiculous.