Thursday, August 19, 2010

on the right trek

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photos from last saturdays jungle trek. i didn't think cats like beaches, but i realise it must be like a gigantic kitty litter pan for them. disgusting.

i didn't feel the leeches. It was like an episode of CSI. Mozgard works very well.

I guess i don't hate the outdoors as much as i thought.

Friday, August 13, 2010

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we celebrated jazi boy's birthday on saturday.

filmed a little, played more on sunday.

made chilli from this recipe for adrian's lunch today. needs more salt, but is as tasty as its name. tons left over still.

going to gopeng tomorrow. working day trip.

tired tired tired.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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The kedgeree for 50 went over smoothly, phew! was such a total whack in the dark. If anyone's interested, the recipe : here.

My hard drive is MIA (A took it to the office). Feel like i lost my right hand.

There's been good news about the house (never as good as i'd like, but better some than none) and so i'm back on house decor research.

Friday, August 06, 2010

classically inclined

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i really enjoy reading classics, and when i saw these in the Collins series going for only rm9.90, i couldn't resist. I was hard-pressed to find one i didn't have though, i already have most of them in my collection (Collins seems to only have the more popular classics available).

i'm done with no12 now. although it doesn't really count til i actually finish them. I'm already halfway through one. i'm confident i'll make it through both.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


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am currently hooked on m&s foods. haven't tried these two yet. i totally blame ms robyn for giving me this addiction to cranberry & orange cookies and redcurrant puffs. although they are super yummy, i really like the clean & simple packaging. they tempt me to buy them just by sitting there on the shelf, looking pretty!


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seeing how i'm cooking more these days, i've collected a few recipes here and there, some really good ones (like these two up here - English onion soup and kedgeree, both by Jamie Oliver) and some that i want to try in the future. So far, i've tried a lot of western dishes so i'm hoping to see how i fare with asian dishes soon (although kedgeree is kinda indian, so i think that counts, especially since my indian husband loves it =) Try them! They're super yummy!

btw, have you noticed how my last three posts have been totally dominated by green? What can i say... i love it!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

working on no6

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Finally, the honeymoon album. It was the best time ever. And i'm glad to have these in physical form to look at and remember the great times we had in Penang. Even as we're planning honeymoon no2 now (we gotta do it before the kids come!) nothing beats Penang man. I'm turning these photos into a scrapbook, as soon as i unpack in Unit 8 (no2 on the list!) cos my crafting materials are all packed away and i don't really want to repack them.

elementary, my dear watson

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crossing off 1/3 of no12

After reading The Adventures, Memoirs and Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, there is no way i'm not reading The Hound of Baskervilles (and hopefully soon A Study in Scarlet too). I love these green paperbacks by Penguin, not only cos they're so cheap (only RM8.50!) but cos they're so pretty! Penguin offers a great variety of classics, and i'm slowly collecting. I also have Little Women and Good Wives (my favourite) in these green covers.