Tuesday, January 26, 2010

74 days and counting!

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So since it's going so slowly, i thought you'd be happy to see some photos =)

This isn't the exact outfit he's wearing but he looks so handsome in a suit, you just got to see it!

A sample of the original colors before i changed my mind. Three times. That's okay. Bride's prerogative. Anyway, i bought 2/3rds worth of the cardstock needed for the invitations today. Yay! I can't believe i will be printing them all myself but hey, i think i can i think i can (channelling Thomas the train).

Now i'm sorting out my music list for the dinners, so that my BM Diana can buy the legal copies before she comes back from Australia. You make me smile...

Monday, January 25, 2010

75 days more

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...and each day comes with excitement and some trepidation. My sewing machine is fixed and i'm eager to get to work, but there's so much other work! By the way, we've gotten Adrian's suit! He looks very smart in it. Now all we have to do is to get him a nice shirt, socks and shoes, and he'll be all set. It's just myself i'm worried about.

I have yet to buy the paper for the cards. Today today is the day, today! There's no turning back after this. I know it's just a card, but i usually design til i get a good feeling about it, and i don't quite get that yet with the cards, even though everyone else is satisfied with it. We'll see.

I've also now got a photographer! I wasn't planning to get one, cos i can't really afford it, but this friend of mine very generously offered! And i'm so happy! I'm so glad that so many people have helped out in our wedding in all sorts of generous ways! I feel so blessed to have fellowship with these gorgeous and lovely saints in Christ! I love how the gospel has brought us all together and this love of Christ we all share in just overflows in love for each other...

Friday, January 22, 2010

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ME : Good morning, (Insert company name here)

HER : Ahh, mmm. (beep... beep... beep...)


ME : Good morning, (Insert company name here)

HIM : Hah? This is (company name) ah?

ME : Yes, this is.

HIM : Ohh. (beep... beep... beep)


ME : Good...

THEM : (beep... beep... beep...)

ME : Sigh.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

80 days more

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...and i'm waiting for my sewing machine to be fixed so i can continue my dress. I need to get a quick move on with that project. And the search for an evening gown continues too. I am ignoring Adrian's lack of a suit for now, cos we already saw one we both like and it can wait =) I'm seriously considering getting a tailor to do my gown, but in the meantime, i'll keep trying to see if i can manage to find something ready made.

As for the invitations, everyone is finally happy with the design and cards and colors and such... which makes me ready to buy and print! Yay! What an achievement! So the DIY party is so on, all ye who wish to help out, please make yourself available on February the First at Seven O'Clock in the Evening! Make your way to Adrian's house where you shall lend your willing fingers to be subjected to an evening of papercuts. There will be food, but if you're coming for that, you may turn around and go home =P Thank you all for all your help in looking for paper suppliers and accessories and other forms of support! I am looking forward to a good night of fe and male bonding over the wounds of war that we will definitely receive that night.

If a guy says he loves you lots, ask him whether he will marry you. If he says he's not sure or doesn't know or hasn't thought about it or won't, he doesn't love you that much.

On a different note, Adrian and i had the pleasure of being with a new growth group last week. It was so different to our old group, which was made up of students in their tertiary education, whereas this group was a group of working adults. Sigh, i feel old all of a sudden. Change isn't easy cos i miss my old group, but growth is good! This group is gonna be stationed in the Damansara area, currently in Damansara Perdana, but soon in my own home in Bandar Sri Damansara.We've just begun a new study on Deuteronomy. So if any of you would like to join us to grow together with us, feel free to step in!

Monday, January 18, 2010

82 days more

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I should be working. But i am inspiration-less. So i am blogging.

I shall endeavour to update you all with nonsensical wedding details. Which probably won't be very hard. I'm dying to upload photos of the invitations but i think i shall refrain til they're all distributed. Adrian says it looks expensive, i shall not tell you how much it really costs me.

I think inspiration should hit me all the time.

By the way, soon i will have a roof over my head. I had one before, just a different one now. Every day draws me closer to having my own personal space! Well not completely personal of course. But still. Here are some inspirations i've been looking at, just to share with you all the direction my style is leaning towards...

Friday, January 15, 2010

85 days more

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And i've finished the invitation design! I have also trying out paper, some are nice, some are more bleh... anyone know paper suppliers you can recommend to me? Am gonna print all of it out using my trusty laser printer, i hope it can take it.

I interrupt this transmission to say that there's been [no progress on the dress].

I have received a brilliant idea for decor though when i came across some beautiful chrsyanthemums, i thought they'd look great as single stalks in vintage vases, am now on the hunt for those too.

While all this stuff is happening, i'm looking forward to settling on a place to call my own. I'm dreaming of decorating my own place, my own way. I think i'm in 'nesting' mode. Apparently that is what pregnant women go through when they're close to giving birth, they prepare the home for their newcomer. I am not pregnant. I just like decorating, and mix in the fact that i get to decorate this whole place top to bottom as we like, i am so excited! I think the feeling for painting has followed me since the painting of the new shoplot.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I missed the opportunity to blog that its only 100 days more

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It is now 88 days til my wedding. I haven't had the time to really do much! It's been a mad rush from one thing to another, and now i just can't wait til my honeymoon. It would be the first holiday i have in one long year. Yeah, come to think of it, i havent been anywhere since i came back from UK in Aug 2008. I'm looking forward to my rest. But then again, it is so good to be serving God, or at least trying to serve God faithfully. I can rest when i'm dead right? Hard to remember that sometimes, when you're feeling tired, exhausted and selfish. It takes a much godlier person to resist the temptation to grumble. It's been a trying month for Adrian and myself.

So what have i yet to complete for my wedding? I have yet to complete my gown. It has been half way through since the first time i said it is half way through. Well, i'm done with the toile testing and all, so now i have to get started on the actual fabric, which i'm not keen on doing til i get my sewing machine fixed. Wouldn't want to waste that once in a lifetime very much more expensive than normal fabric. Well, if i don't manage to finish it, i can always walk down the aisle in my brand new sari, thanks to my future in-laws. HA. Who the heck cares what i walk down the aisle in anyway. Adrian will marry me even if we both turn up in tshirts and jeans. So, i'll get on that soon. Heh.

I'm also working on producing the invitations now. We just wrote the first draft together yesterday, so once the wording passes muster, i'll work on the design and next, DIY PARTY! I think my BM Diana will be calligraphing the names on, so that saves me a little havoc. So girls, get ready to get paper cuts! Think of it as my bachelorette party, haha albeit a little more fun than getting drunk. At least we'll be awake for all the good jokes AND remember it the next morning. I'll let you know when and where later, bring some food and drinks, your cutters, scissors and sense of humor!