Friday, January 15, 2010

85 days more

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And i've finished the invitation design! I have also trying out paper, some are nice, some are more bleh... anyone know paper suppliers you can recommend to me? Am gonna print all of it out using my trusty laser printer, i hope it can take it.

I interrupt this transmission to say that there's been [no progress on the dress].

I have received a brilliant idea for decor though when i came across some beautiful chrsyanthemums, i thought they'd look great as single stalks in vintage vases, am now on the hunt for those too.

While all this stuff is happening, i'm looking forward to settling on a place to call my own. I'm dreaming of decorating my own place, my own way. I think i'm in 'nesting' mode. Apparently that is what pregnant women go through when they're close to giving birth, they prepare the home for their newcomer. I am not pregnant. I just like decorating, and mix in the fact that i get to decorate this whole place top to bottom as we like, i am so excited! I think the feeling for painting has followed me since the painting of the new shoplot.


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