Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I missed the opportunity to blog that its only 100 days more

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It is now 88 days til my wedding. I haven't had the time to really do much! It's been a mad rush from one thing to another, and now i just can't wait til my honeymoon. It would be the first holiday i have in one long year. Yeah, come to think of it, i havent been anywhere since i came back from UK in Aug 2008. I'm looking forward to my rest. But then again, it is so good to be serving God, or at least trying to serve God faithfully. I can rest when i'm dead right? Hard to remember that sometimes, when you're feeling tired, exhausted and selfish. It takes a much godlier person to resist the temptation to grumble. It's been a trying month for Adrian and myself.

So what have i yet to complete for my wedding? I have yet to complete my gown. It has been half way through since the first time i said it is half way through. Well, i'm done with the toile testing and all, so now i have to get started on the actual fabric, which i'm not keen on doing til i get my sewing machine fixed. Wouldn't want to waste that once in a lifetime very much more expensive than normal fabric. Well, if i don't manage to finish it, i can always walk down the aisle in my brand new sari, thanks to my future in-laws. HA. Who the heck cares what i walk down the aisle in anyway. Adrian will marry me even if we both turn up in tshirts and jeans. So, i'll get on that soon. Heh.

I'm also working on producing the invitations now. We just wrote the first draft together yesterday, so once the wording passes muster, i'll work on the design and next, DIY PARTY! I think my BM Diana will be calligraphing the names on, so that saves me a little havoc. So girls, get ready to get paper cuts! Think of it as my bachelorette party, haha albeit a little more fun than getting drunk. At least we'll be awake for all the good jokes AND remember it the next morning. I'll let you know when and where later, bring some food and drinks, your cutters, scissors and sense of humor!


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