Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dream, dream, dream

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Dreaming... of far away things i'll never know if i'll ever see. But that won't stop me from dreaming anyway. Keeping all these just barely contained under my pillow, to be taken out at a later date, and i'll never know whether i'm to keep or throw them out the window. But that's all right... Some dreams do come true... but until then, they'll stay under the pillow.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Really really confirmed over!

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Haha, today marks the last presentation of the year! Woo hoo, i'm not sure but i don't think i'll be having any more practices until next year. The time to celebrate is here and i'm fully prepared to enjoy the works to the fullest. Christmas is in a couple of days and woo hoo! Sorry, couldn't resist. WOO HOO!!! Okaylah! I'm all set. Are you?

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's OVER!

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Camp is over! Woo hoo!
Okay la, it's not all woohoo. Some of us are having post-camp syndrome, where we wanna have everyone around us still, and feel so alone, especially after spending a week with a whole bunch of jokers. This year's camp was a pretty good one, with expected hiccups, but overall it was really good. I really feel like a bunch of us got much closer and worked well together in the last days heading to the end of camp. An odd bunch but still. It was so good, this bunch decided to stay on an extra night, just for fun. It was great waking up without the worry of whether you're prepared for the day ahead of you or just worrying about anything. Ah oh are some choice pictures from my phone and my sister's phone, don't mind the quality. For more pictures, you can go to this site, that's where i uploaded the pics that i have.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

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Okay peoples...see ya!
Will be back on the 17th.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Countdown 1 and a half...

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Sometimes a girl needs a half...

Hooooo boy...i'm so sapped. Oh by the way, if you guys are free at these given dates, pls try and make it to one of my team's performances yeah?

8 December @ The Weld, KL 2.30pm
13 December @ The Weld, KL 12.45pm
22 December @ The Weld, KL 2.30pm ; @ Subang Parade 5pm

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Countdown 4...3...2...

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Verse? One
Vamp? None!
Hook? One!

Hurrah! I'm all stinky and all, but this is very satisfying work. Just a couple more lines and i'll be done! Whoopee! Shower and sleep now, hope i remember it tomorrow hahaha!

Countdown 6...5...4...

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Verse? One
Vamp? One
Hook? Two!

4 eights down. And in the short time i did these 4 eights, it was revealed that repetition is the key to successfully complete a choreography in a very short time. Muahaha


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That wasn't very long. *chuckles* And in a fit of whim, i've decided to re-do some parts, which does make things harder for me but i don't care. I want it to look good. Gah, i'm just worried the campers might find it too hard. *ergh* I find it abit harder than the usual, but i can get it in time, but they only have 4 days to finish learning and sorta perfect it as much as they can.

So as of this hour, i oh-ficcially have one verse, one vamp, and three hooks *which equals 16 eights* to complete by this coming Friday. I'm oh-so-screwed. GOING ON!!!

Fabric Fun

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Just some new fabrics that i've found, scraps from IKEA. They were pretty cheap compared to the usual per meter price so i splurged a little. The two bags are some things i busied my active mind with when i'm not choreographing, which is soooo taking a toll on me. Sorta like sapping my creativity, so everytime i start feeling sapped, i inch myself over to my sewing machine and try and inspire myself to keep going. I had some plans but i just couldn't, i just want to finish up this song like ASAP, cos it's kinda holding up my time for anything else. Tomorrow's a full day, no choreo-ing then, so i've got to finish it up by today. So that's all the time i'm letting myself blog. We'll see how long i last before starting to type again HaHA.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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Happy awaiting Christmas day! This picture looks so yummy, makes me wanna wrap up all the presents *that is if i finish all of them in time* but with all the camp prep, we'll see. I'll probably bring some embroidery with me to camp, for me to work on during rest times or something. So mummy of me, isn't it? Oh well, who says all this crafty stuff is limited to mummies only yes?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Advent Sunday

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This morning marks another sale over and done with, almost all the tee shirts sold, leaving two behind, one for me! Gonna get started on some Christmas presents tomoro, mostly handmade again this year. Oh well, it encourages my creativity and keeps the mind active anyway. So look out look out! *humming under breath* "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, i'm telling you why. Santa Erina is coming to town..."

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Love love Tshirt printing

Just some tee shirts made for my mum's WF sale. I found the designs from all over the net. My personal fave is the purple tee with three birds perched on a branch, it's soo cute. Reminds me that i should remember to do my cute owl design again. One for myself. So far almost all the tee shirts i printed have been for other things, not myself. Oh well. Plenty of time for that i guess.
And i really should work on my photography skills. Evidence up there. But... a good camera might help. My dad's point n shoot is really limited. I remember Derek's cam, messing with it, i managed quite a number of good shots, but oh well. Money is not exactly restricting but i just can't bring myself to buy one just yet. We'll see what Christmas brings yes?

Christmas deco isn't Christmas deco...

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...without a little red and green.

Random thinking

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Sometimes i wish that the body wasn't the body.
Sometimes i wish it was just an amoeba, a single celled living thing.
But even though one cannot be one without two, three etc, i think i can certainly live without the number 4 or 13 or 35 or 69.