Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fabric Fun

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Just some new fabrics that i've found, scraps from IKEA. They were pretty cheap compared to the usual per meter price so i splurged a little. The two bags are some things i busied my active mind with when i'm not choreographing, which is soooo taking a toll on me. Sorta like sapping my creativity, so everytime i start feeling sapped, i inch myself over to my sewing machine and try and inspire myself to keep going. I had some plans but i just couldn't, i just want to finish up this song like ASAP, cos it's kinda holding up my time for anything else. Tomorrow's a full day, no choreo-ing then, so i've got to finish it up by today. So that's all the time i'm letting myself blog. We'll see how long i last before starting to type again HaHA.


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