Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Hug Your Designer/Artist Day!

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I think there needs to be some love sent to all designers today. Love, love, love. Hug your nearest designer right now!

trailer for james and the giant peach

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Friday, November 12, 2010

For the Lord disciplines the one he loves...

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I am of the opinion that God intends for those whom he has saved should continue in fighting sin and being holy as He is holy. He made us good (as in the Creation) but due to our own deliberate fault, we rebelled and have been ever since. Now that we have been reconciled through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus, it would be really terrible to persist in sin, it's almost like we're crucifying Jesus again and again. It's our sin that put him there. Why is it so hard? But i will not harden my heart. I hear his voice and i refuse to give in to sin, i will NOT HARDEN MY HEART.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jerome and Robyn... you're so cool!

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decide where you wanna go in life and make decisions that lead you TO THAT. and never think that the grass is always greener the other side. A very wise woman once told me,"the grass is not greener on the other side, its greener where you water it." ~littlemissecstatic

Can't say it much better than that. Recently i have been encountering commitment phobic people and i realize that this is exactly what's missing in their mentality. It's the thought of 'what if? what if something better comes along? what shall i do then?' I HATE this kind of thinking. It's terrible. I would never recommend a person like this to be dating ANYONE. Only a really dumb kind of stupid self-centered person thinks like this. I'm glad i have repented of this, cos i realize now how sinful this kind of thinking is. Thinking more about it, i think this epidemic is affecting men so much so they really just don't make up their minds and just decide, they let their mothers decide for them, they let their wives decide for them and they just pretty much become useless namby pamby boys for the rest of their life. What fool wants to marry this kind of guy? The whole situation : really denies God of the goodness of His creation order for mankind. Denies God's faithful nature, how He himself is the committed partner, even though his bride remains unfaithful til today.

Sorry, but it's just terrible. God's commitment, that's what Christians should be modeling. One that makes a commitment, even if the bride is the ugliest thing, not particularly fantastic on the faithfulness bit. Cos the point is, YOU make the COMMITMENT. And you stick to it.

Just wanted to send a little shout out to Jerome and Robyn, good on you for practicing what commitment truly is. I will be praying and cheering on the side til you're both on the other end of the aisle. On the other side of the aisle, it won't matter so much what people say. You know you're doing the right thing in God's eyes. Better to be laughed at or thought of foolish by the world than to be living in sin in God's eyes. I've never once regretted marrying Adrian (except maybe when the socks are all over the place... nope! not even then =) We had to face the same amount of unhappy discouraging people and we survived. You can do it! Remember why you're doing this, and if you ever need a pick me up from the side of experience, you know who to talk to. Stay strong, stay together and most importantly, stay in Christ.

Monday, November 08, 2010

i was going to cut my hair

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then i saw this photo and now i've changed my mind. i just spent 3 days at a beach resort without seeing more than an hour of the beach. it was great! solidifying how Scripture is Scripture because God said it. He has spoken through the prophets and in these last days through Jesus Christ. He doesn't speak through any other way other than Jesus Christ, not cos of limitations, but because He has chosen to reveal Himself through His chosen ways. If anyone today claims to speak a word of God, it bears no authority as compared to His already revealed Word.

There are many ways we undermine/usurp the authority of Scripture. It could be as obvious as some church/personal practices (like women's ordination or expecting to hear God speak today through any other way in addition to His Word like tongues or modern day 'prophets' or through personal 'revelations') or in so-called less obvious practices, as i've recently discovered for myself, in affirming the truth of God in His Word, but not defending and upholding it in my own life and in lives of others.

It does not make God smaller or more limited, for Him to speak only through His means of revelation. Who is man to question why He has chosen to reveal Himself through the Scriptures? Why He's chosen to show His love through the death and resurrection of His Son? it is the foolishness and sin of man that veils the Gospel, and it is the Wisdom of God in the dead King on the cross, the risen Saviour today.

that means, we are all to be devoted to the study and understanding of His Word, as He has given it to us to make us wise for salvation, and all of Scripture is useful to equip the man of God to do every good work to the glory of God. That has so many implications for us today:

All of it is sufficient for us to understand everything we need : salvation, and life in Christ. Which means we don't need new revelation today, as if to help us understand God better cos the Bible is hard to understand. That is the laziness and stupidity of man, and in that, it denies God, saying that God is not sovereign to make himself clear and denying the work of His Spirit in teaching us and helping us to understand all that he has already said. It is also depending on your own self - cos how do you know that YOUR revelation (supposedly from God) is true? Does the Bible back you up? Cos the Bible is what matters, not what you say. I have realized many times in my own life where i have conveniently made God say things He HAS NOT said, by believing he's revealed to me his will for my life in a certain way or believing he is calling me to something specific somewhere. It was just me projecting my own thoughts and wants ONTO God, as if to put my own words into his mouth. And although i deeply regret and repent of it, i feel as though all those who just took it for granted that God did say those things to me and just believed it as i said it out as if it really was God's revelation, they should have said something to me. They should have asked me how do i know it's true? Did God really say it to me, is that how God speaks? What does the Bible say? What makes you so sure it's not just you? So please, if anytime anyone says 'God has revealed this to me...', please be kind and loving to ask this person where in the Bible, and make sure this person is not just denying God's chosen revelation and projecting his own wishes onto the Bible.

Cos denying God's Word = he will be ashamed of you when he comes again in glory. not everyone who calls him Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. not everyone who says "i believe the bible" really do believe IN the bible. not everyone who says God says, really are saying what God says.

God still speaks today, through His Word. Are you reading it, or are you reading INTO it?

Monday, November 01, 2010