Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Long long long time

I'm amazed at how long i lasted without blogging. 5 whole days? haha...Its an addiction, i know.

I'm in the middle of a painting actually, taking a long short break...I know i need to get back to it, but sigh...what can i say? I'm ADD. Haha.

That's it for an update. Back to the toils and troubles of painting...Bleh

Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Haha, i just heard that American Idol 5 is out tomorrow and Kelly Clarkson is saying that nobody is allowed to sing any of her songs.

My first thought...

Sombody is insecure!!! Nanti orang nyanyi better than her!!! Kakakakaka...muahahaha...


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I'm a parasite. I need a source to depend on for...i dunno...emotional stuff? Been jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend and when i finally found someone i really really liked, it all kinda went awry. Well, what goes around comes around, ei?

I've been really really single for real for about two weeks now... and it has been...okay la...not that good not that bad...i really enjoyed walking around shopping malls by myself, walking Ikea alone...going to movies alone, reading for ages in MPH/Times/Kino without being bugged...redecorating my on my list is to paint my room *purple? pink? mauve?*

The bad parts? ... So lonely, no hugs...nobody to really talk, let me correct that...nobody that i really want to talk to...Hearing that he's enjoying himself...*haha... i know i'm so bad!* Blekk...

Sigh. I want this stupid thing to go away. Need to throw myself completely back into work and whatever other tasks i can dig up for myself. I think this will be one of my last posts for a while cos i find that its usually when i'm online that i start to really think about him. So might as well stop...but i think i won't la..hehe...i just love blogging so much!

Green monster!!!

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What do you do when a little green monster visits? Do you ignore it? Do you feed it? Apparently the right thing to do, is to pass it over to God and God will zap it into a million zillion teeny weeny particles and give you a little cute angel of peace instead.

And obviously, the right thing to do is not what i'm doing la. Gah...why must good things come in such bitter packages?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stupid computer

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Grrr...this stupid computer really pisses me off. But well, now i'm smarter and i'm burning all my info into cds so all my info can be used elsewhere incase this stupid computer decides to really crash completely. Can call it insurance. Hahaha...Sigh...Here's something for you to look at. This is the painting that was stolen. Sigh. Now i have to reproduce it for the exhibition. So ma-fan...if only that sesat dunno who would return it. Not a very good picture of it tho, there are shiny parts...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

NOT again!!!!

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Yep, yes people... yet again has my brilliant computer erased all my bookmarks. Yes, all. the last time this happened, i thought it was a sign from God, signalling a new slate and new stuff. Well. It has happened again, and i'm stuck here wondering whether its a sign to get a new computer...

Monday, January 16, 2006


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You can use these images to link to me...i'll be adding more as time goes by...You know how to use them right? Just save them and upload it to Photobucket or whatever you use...blah blah...


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the images for elite*inc. Satisfied customer. Check her site under *Ash* at the dropdown list of my friends.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Creative Spillage

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Hi all, i'm in need of things to fill my time. Currently i'm looking to improving my creative image making skills. If you need an image or even if you don't need an image for your blog or website, just let me know the mood of your desired blog and i'll try to achieve that look. If you want it, you can have it la but if you don't want it, you don't HAVE to take it. I'm just exercising my skills. So please do give me some work to do la.
However this only applies to people i know ya. You know who you are and all you jakuns are not included. Thanks! =)

Random untrue stuff

Here are some random untrue stuff about me, since people love to slander me...

#1 : I like to steal people's little packet of stashed money that you keep under your pillow, in your tong-tong or wardrobe, cos i have such a huge desire for your money. Really, i have nothing better in my life than to sniff out those little ang pow packets so i can take it for my evil uses...

#2 : I have this fetish of banging into things. Especially with cars. Sometimes, i get so high, i ask people in big vehicles to ram into me...i really enjoy it! I love the ugly scrunching sound the metal makes...

#3 : I like to steal other girl's boyfriends. Yeah, its so cool, like a super tough challenge to me. And when i succeed, i like to flaunt it in your face! Makes me feel so wanted..haha

Yep, i know of more interesting ones, but well these are most common. Well, if you have nothing better to do with your time and you feel like slandering me, haha, here are your options!


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I read lately this *as quoted by another blogger* BITCHINGlog not WEblog. Haha, this guy is really a whiner. Just kutuking anything and everything under the sun...but some of his so-called theories really suck and are so innacurate and offended me, so here i am, giving my opinion towards the issues that he bring up.

One of it is porn. He says porn is a beautiful thing and every guy watches it and those who don't are bluffers. He also mentions that most girls are not as eager to watch but are interested about it and the girls who aren't are ignorant and will have problems in the morrow...

What do you think? Haha, i think some of the guys i know will be quite offended by this generalisation about all guys. I know some of my friends do and some of my friends don't. But i don't agree that all guys watch it. But the thing is, it is wrong. I personally consider porn as a form of adultery towards your future wife *husband?? haha*. I mean, whats the difference between having sex with someone and looking at pornographic images, having illicit thoughts about them and maybe masturbating to them? To me, no difference, black and white, no gray area about this. Besides the Bible says that even thinking about someone in that way is adultery. Anyway, i have lots of guy friends who know that it is wrong and don't watch, but that doesn't mean they're not tempted by it, but just that they consciously practice self-control. I think porn is a choice, not an answer. If something is created to cause people to sin, then it is definitely not beautiful. However i will say that the human body is beautiful. Male and female alike, the body is beautiful. But not porn.

The second thing was being self-governed. Living by your own rules and morals. In a perfect world, maybe la. But unfortunately, we live in a world where this *living by own rules and morals* has ended up with what? War? Bombing? Terrorism? Riots? All this happen because you don't want to live under a certain authority and want to be self-governed. So therefore, it is a conclusion from all this past *self-governing* that when you live this way, you only beget trouble and we need help. And who better to help us than God?

Talking about preachers...apparently they are the dregs of human society who attempt to convert people, speaking of which, people who also booze, utter profanities and next morning, pray for God's pardon. And also he brought up the subject of people who believe that traffic protocol is absolved because they are calling on a religious location, for example, double or triple parking and obstructing traffic. Quoting him directly,
It is still committing an offence and just because you want to go and pray, that is not a justification. So why bother to pray and do good things while breaking rules in the process?
What do you think? Personally, i wouldn't say preachers is the right word. I think those who try to reach out to the unsaved are trying to do something good with their knowledge of salvation. It's called evangelism. Spreading the good news. However i believe that there are ways to try and reach out. There are certain extremists who will go all the way to try and get you to believe their faith and sometimes force you to do things...i don't think thats right lor.

I don't like preaching myself but i think a good way to reach out is through life testimonies, meaning you show them by how you live. That's why its important for them who do evangelism to live right and obeying God. But, we are all human, and although that does not excuse sin, we will be tempted to sin and maybe some will fall. But sometimes, the way you pick yourself up after you have fallen is what really matters. So explains the asking for God's forgiveness. But there are some people who believe that they are saved already and so all they have to do is just ask for forgiveness and so they can sin all they want and go to church on Sunday and confess their sins. BULLSHIT. Although God might forgive you, i think you must be repentant of your sin, if you are not then you are just praying a hopeless and meaningless prayer.

And i'm not sure about this, but i think outside some compounds, they do allow double parking for the time of service but i don't appreciate the fact that some people take this to extremes and obstruct traffic, that's just bad la.

Edit: By the way, i asked around and there is an allowance for using up extra space for parking on Fridays and Sundays for the respective religions, also on special occasions like Christmas. Just so you know.

Haha, i think at this point, all of you might have fallen asleep oredi la...Enough thinking for the day =) Save you guys from eye pains...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Out of 2006

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What do i want out of 2006?

3 areas of life:

I suppose what i really want is the fruit of the Spirit. But most important of the lot, patience and self-control. I think those are really lacking. I won't even say there's room of improvement cos there was none to start with. I think with these two, i can kick butt in all three areas.

I'm just wondering why is it when you really want to get back in with God, that's the time where most difficulty comes? Funny? Coincidence? I think not. Maybe its the devil trying to hold you back. Maybe God is letting these things happen to mould,refine you. Sigh, you cannot imagine how many times i've heard the words mould, refine, prune lately.

I look back on 2005 and i think *I'm so drama* Haha i definitely was a drama princess. Sigh...Guess things will have to change.

Friday, January 13, 2006


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Why TGIF(thank God it's friday)?

I know it's a sign that the weekend is here but...

aren't we called to TGFE?

Thank God for Everyday?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's my fault anyway

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See? I kinda predicted that this was gonna happen earlier but i didn't realise the extent of it...

So if i get into an accident, it will automatically be my fault is it? Just because i'm a P? Just because this is my second accident? WTF? It's so unfair to think that way. And i wasn't sleepy, okay, i am perfectly awake and sane. I stopped away, enough for the bus to pass and it's not my fault if he bangs into me while there is space for him to pass. But no, no need to ask me what happened, no need to meet the guy yet, but well, its automatically my fault because i had a one time sleepy incident. WTF?

How can you people think this way? This stupid mentality ***king sucks. So now i'm on an even earlier curfew. And have i already mentioned that all of this sucks?

Annoyances, annoyances

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, i have thus far had my second accident in all of my one driving year experience, thank you very much. But, i would like to clarify that this time, it is not my fault! It is sooo not my fault okay? It is the fault of a stupid bus driver who manages to wonderfully hit a stationary car. Amazing isn't it? Gah! I'm annoyed, pissed...especially since this is only a new car, this is ONLY my second accident, and this is ONLY one accident overdue the limit that i'm allowed to have!

There is a scene in Sex and the City, can't remember which episode, that has a character going...
*takes deep breath* **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****!!!

Yes, that scene totally encompasses all my creative expressions of the moment. So i take a step back, breathe, remember to LOOOOVVVVEEE the people who do you injustices...oh, i would really LOOOVEEE to LOOVVVVVEE that stupid driver right now...I would LOOOOVVVVVEEE him to death. Ergh. Ok, that's the limit of my venting for this event. Now, to focus on loving that .... hehe .... misguided driver for real. Oh's so hard, please help me. *bzzzt, interception of thoughts* How am i gonna get it fixed la? I just finished paying for the last accident, out of my own pocket money. *bzzt, back to focusing* sigh...please forgive me for all these angry hurtful thoughts and take it away *bzzt, interception again* Will the guy pay for my repairs? He should, cos he did it. *bzzt*

Now i'm not ridiculing prayer. This is really how it is, usually. Not only for me. Sigh...I'm so tempted to hit something but i love my hands too much. So i'll go to sleep and try to forget about this.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New year, new design!

1 comment creative side has decided to emerge...actually not creative la...just bored. And so as you can see people, new stuff! No more blue blue and pink! Brown is the new pink! haha... all images and everything la is my own creation...chewah, thank you thank you! Haha...enjoy...

Ps. some images are pissing me off la...they just won't load!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR
and also, i'm not quite done yet with everything, so there will be some images that seem out of place..sorry


Too early

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It's 3.45am and i still can't sleep. Thanks to the Espresso Frappucino i had earlier. i'm here in cyberspace...bored to death...dunno what to do..

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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Dear readers, i predict a potential layout change in the near future!

Getting the hang of it

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Seem to be getting the hang of this how i think affects the way i feel affects how i act thing. I find myself going around telling myself off under my breath whenever i think stupid unnecessary things that usually piss me off. Then i really do feel alot better after that.

Like for one instance, i think there was this stupid couple that was so engrossed with each other that they didn't notice anything else around them and they kinda blocked up the whole pathway and when i tried to pass, they bumped into me. So i was quite annoyed, especially cos they were so ber-mushy mushy, and i was feeling abit jealous, so i was kinda muttering expletives under my breath. Then i caught myself and mentally slapped myself, telling myself its okay, no reason to be angry, you're supposed to love these people, and i tried to envision myself loving these people. And i didn't feel so angry or jealous after that. Hahaha...should keep it up! Maybe this way i won't feel so angry all of the time and waste my emotional energy.

And since i'm in the business of self-control and love right now, i figured a good person to love would be myself. Now, my ezcema has gotten a whole lot worse, no thanks to all the camps and sweat and stress. And i know that if i don't scratch at a scab, it will heal a whole lot faster, so i'm trying to control myself and not scratch so everything will heal faster. It's pretty hard, especially at night, but i'll try my best la. I mean, i wanna wear all the clothes that i have in my closet but i can't cos my skin is so ugly. My parents don't make me feel any better about my skin at all. My mum especially is very critical about it. If it shows, my mum will say things like "Eeyer, can see. So ugly." Thanks mom, it doesnt help my already much lowered self esteem la. And my dad seems to think i'm the cause of all this skin problems.

You see, logically, he's the cause, because he carried the gene from his family down to me and my sis. Haha, and logically since my sis developed it first, she's the one who started this outbreak. But what's the point of pointing fingers at who to blame? What's most important is to get rid of it la. I certainly don't want to live with this for the rest of my life. Lagi lagi i'm female. Ergh.

So thats for self control and love today...

Good day

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Today was a good day and i have a feeling that it's gonna be good. I feel like i've found new inspiration, new life...cos i'm tapping into the one and only resource you should ever need for GOD!

It's gooooooooooooooooood!

I feel hungry to know, hungry for God...just like a little eager beaver. I shouldn't call myself funky monkey anymore cos now i'm an eager beaver!

Anyway, i just thought that since i'm in a very good mood, i will blog down significant memories of 2005.

Jan 2005 : Image hosted by Photobucket.comMuahaha, holidays are good! But i also started working in Moleque, late Jan. I have a note in my phone on the 6th of Jan saying Genting...but i have no recollection of going there...hehe!

Feb 2005 : Image hosted by Photobucket.comChinese New year...i suppose my mum had her annual open house and special dinner for the younger ones again. Haha, i think i remember now. They just ate and ate and ate. Then they went upstairs to my apartment and chilled. Some people got thrown in i think, but the most memorable one was when Daniel was throwing in Qian and Derek pushed him in along with Qian. But the thing was, Daniel had his phone wallet etc in his pockets... so all got wet la!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comValentine's day... i don't think we did anything super special...maybe just went to Chilli's. Cos he doesn't believe in spending superbucks to celebrate i think we just spent time together...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comPresentation in St. Katherine's. I think Fred was there. I don't remember much else, except for good food, the little kitty we found and the very giggly girls.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comKuala Terengganu rekkie trip. Haha, hilarious. We had a super great time, even if the two girls were with their two historical idiots. It was just funny la, poor Sugin always kena from Nicky. The most memorable moment? The hour where Nicky dragged the time when Sugin was dying to go to the toilet. Hahahaha...i will never forget that!

March 2005 :Image hosted by Photobucket.comGot my results. Hahahahha, don't ask any questions and i won't tell you no lies! Derek so nice...he took me to school, waited for me to come back out too.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comKBU open day! Wuahahaha...i don't want to go back to study yet!!!

April 2005: Image hosted by Qian's birthday dinner. Classic surprise...she walked in looked around and still couldn't see us... the Scream??? Astronomical! Hahaha...the whole restaurant turned and looked, but who cares! Had it at Italiannies...super good food!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comTessera was born not too long ago and it opened it's eyes on the 5th!!! So cute!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comStart college on Wednesday the 6th, orientation. I didn't stay for the stupid games...

May 2005: Image hosted by Photobucket.comBootcamp planning starts now...Yergh...banyak kerja...

June 2005: Image hosted by Photobucket.comDerek's birthday. I really can't remember what happened. Ech. How sesat. I think we had a nice dinner together earlier in the week before his birthday.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comMission outreach to Johor. Had a mini mad camp and met a lot of neat people!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comReunion with the gang, all except for Aiyee and Nabila. Sigh...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis year, my birthday was the worst birthday i could have ever gotten. Don't ask why.

July 2005 : Image hosted by Photobucket.comWent to see the Nokia Starlight thingie! Watched Sepet with Derek. Sesat two of us didn't bring a big mat or anything so just sat on wet grass...But it was okla...asalkan company is enough...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe end of my first semester...haha...i didnt do too well...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comSomething bad happened here. Really tested me...

August 2005: Image hosted by I will remember this month as the month where everything just fell apart. My life...everything!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comI went for wasn't very good. Cos i was quite depressed all the time and the circumstances that i was in wasn't very pleasant. I wanted to go home the whole time...It was just bad la.

Sept 2005:Image hosted by Photobucket.comCCY's going away thing. Hahah..i will never forget how she tried to get people to dance. It was hilarious...sorry, i'm being mean...but it was really funny!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comWent for No Apologies...that guy, Joshua...he's really funny.

Oct 2005: Image hosted by Photobucket.comBarbeque for Joshua M at his cousin's place. It was fun...he had a pool table man!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comGrandpa had his house blessing! Haha..he stays so near now...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comMe and Derek found Cat Kut Teh!! He's so cute...just lumbered on towards us when we approached it.

November 2005: Image hosted by Photobucket.comEr.. i don't remember anything from this month leh...

December 2005: Image hosted by Photobucket.comMAD camp! Chee sin...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comBootcamp! Also crazy...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comChristmas and New Year celebrations...

So that's it for 2005...close shop...end of story...Hahaha...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Old post, new blog

Here are some posts i discovered from my old blog in myspace...

Friday, July 09, 2004

My First Entry...

This Blog Thing...

I'm so new to this...not really sure what my own opinion about expressing my feelings and everything in public for all to see is...just to try it out, here's a short thought that came up in my head regarding me n my boyfriend, D, who is 6 yrs older than me...thinks he's so smart...

'What is important to me now, is not important to him...but might have been important to him when he was my age, and might not be important to me at his age...'

'What is not important to me now, is important to him...but might not have been important to him when he was my age, and might be important to me at his age...'

So you see, it's a vicious 17, certain things are of importance to you that might not occur to you that it is superficial or unnecessary because of the very fact that you're 17. I'm not saying that gives you an excuse to act stupid or immaturely...just saying that all people have their own priorities and needs and wants that are all reasonable at different ages...

Monday, July 12, 2004

Words cannot express? Think again...

Mere Words...

My English teacher gave me 3 sample essays today to ponder over and read between the lines into the lives of the authors. She told me that through their mere writing, you can tell that they are imaginative people, avid readers and use creativity to its hilt. As i read on, their words came to life in my head...

'Leaving my bewildered tracker behind, I followed the tail of footprints'

'The computer...enabling the creation of a wireless world'

'They were utterly unconscious of my presence-or so it seemed...'

They brought me through the African Savannah, where I encountered elephants and lions...the ancient Egypt, with mummies and pyramids, one of the 7 wonders of the world...i discovered the new millenium, chock filled with new technology, renewing and remodeling for the better all the time...

Isn't it amazing at what mere words can do, with just a hint of imagination?

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Rainy Day

The Rain in Spain is Mainly in the Plane...

I had to walk through the blistering winds and thundering rain today...i traversed a million rain drops to arrive at the doorstep of refuge...i muddled and fuddled in my backpack to grasp at the ancient key of life, the key to comfort, safety and warmth...i opened the door and found myself staring at...

My room! Yay! My bed had been calling to me since the line that says ' ...thundering rain..."

Friday, July 30, 2004

Perfect! Just puuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrfect!

listening to* my mum snoring!

eating* nothing! i'm on a diet......

drinking* water........good for u!

my boyfriend is leaving for a week! i hate it...especially when my other friends boyfriends are always THERE. i don't mean 'there' as in always there for them, reliable and all that mush...but they are always 'with them'..................


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Your Birthdate: June 20

You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride.
Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.
When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it.
It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

Your strength: Your warm heart

Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions

Your power color: Black

Your power symbol: Musical note

Your power month: February

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Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.
You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.
From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

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Sunday, January 08, 2006


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Today is just another day past, gone by in his absence. The situation's improving and i forget about his departure and look forward to his return. In the meanwhile, i have been packing my time with sleep and when i'm not sleeping, i choreograph new songs, do my work, devour more books and try to spend more time with God. All in the hopes that i can forget about him for a while.

But then, some innocent bystander in my life asks, "So...hows life without BouncingNinjaTurtle?" And the memories come flooding back. But i have developed a shield! A protection system that works pretty well most of the time.

It's a simple rule.

The way i think determines the way i feel determines how i act

And so if i think depressing thoughts, i'll feel depressed therefore i act depressed.
And if i think happy thoughts, i'll feel happy and therefore I'm HAPPY!

And so to all who are reading, i'd rather not speak about the life without BouncingNinjaTurtle, but i'd rather much talk about the happier things in life. Like life with him cos to me, he still is very much in my life. and i hope it stays that way.

Shopping rocks

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Haha, snatched this funny article off Zi's blog.

In a perfect world there would be a perfect boy boutique where you could go to pick out your ideal guy, all ready to take home in a cute shopping bag. Sadly, we've got about as much chance of that happening as Lindsay Lohan has of going to an all-you-can-eat buffet. The goods news is that, although there may not be a one-stop boy shop, you can utilise shopping's golden rules to find the perfect guy. And who said shopping wasn't a useful skill?

Rule 1: Try Before You Buy
As every expert shopaholic knows, you gotta try before you buy. It's the only way to avoid the heartbreak of buying something only to try it on at home and realise that you're a walking fashion nightmare!
Same principle applies to guys - yes he may look like Chad Michael Murray's long lost twin, but that doesnt really help when you discover that he's about as interesting as watching a piece of toast, does it?
Hang out with him first and see what kind of a guy he is before you devote every waking moment pining for him only to find that you're really not as into him as you thought you would be.

Rule 2: No Exchange or Refunds
When you cant exchange something, you tend to put more thought into whether you like it, before you buy it. Boys (unfortunately!) dont come with an exchange or refund policy either - so it all comes down to whether you take him as he is or seriously think about if you want him. While you may find the way he doesnt really put much effort into getting dressed kinda cute now, think about whether you can handle it for the long term. Are you likely to snap and attack him with his own daggy tracksuit pants down the track?

Rule 3: Is The Bargain Worth It?
Most shopping injuries occur over the bargain bin. For some reason, when you're caught up in a shopping bargain daze, some things you'd normally think are hideous/weird/scary, start to look mighty tempting and before you know it, you're the proud owner of neon yellow hotpants!
The lesson in all this? Sometimes an opportunity happens to present itself with a boy, you get caught up in all the excitement and you go with it...only to find that if you had properly thought about it, you probably would've realised that the whole thing was just destined to be a disaster.

Rule 4: Can You Afford It?
If you're about to hit your 10 year old brother up for a loan, chances are you cant really afford to buy whatever it is you're lusting after. Sometimes you've got to ask yourself the same question with the potential new love of your life. You're only going to break every romantic bone in your body if you jump into a relationship with a boy you already know has cheated on his last three girlfriends in the hope he wont do it to you. You've got to ask yourself: can you really afford to be sobbing into your pillow for the next three months with a broken heart? Didnt think so.

Rule 5: Does It Go With Everything Else?
Knowing that something will work with your existing wardrobe is the sign of a good shopping purchase. Sometimes you can be guilty of falling in love with something just coz it's so gorgeous, but if you're never going to be able to make it work with anything else, what's the point?
In the case of deciding whether you and your crush will work out, it's best to keep this policy in the back of your head. I'm not saying you both have to be interested in exactly the same things, but if you realise the only thing the two of you have in common is the fact that you're both breathing the same oxygen, chances are you're probably better off moving onto someone else.

Rule 6: Do You Really Love It?
The eternal question every good shopper must ask herself. If you're honest with yourself, you'll avoid making the kind of purchase which will result in you having to go back to the store and giving some dodgy excuse to the sales person.
To avoid the same scenario with a boy, it's best to ask yourself if you honestly do like this guy or is the attraction due to other reasons, like you know all your friends think he's hot? At the end of the day, if you're going to put in the time and effort with this guy, the end result should be making you happy, no one else.

Rule 7: Know What You're Looking For
There's nothing more torturous than wandering around aimlessly at the shops, getting more frustrated by the minute coz you want to buy something but you're just not really sure exactly what. That's why it's good to have some kind of an idea what you want - it saves you from ending up with something that's just way off the mark.
In the same way, it's good to have a few things in mind of qualities you're looking for in a guy. But you shouldnt stick to that list and only that list, but having a general idea of what you're looking for will keep you from straying into the "what the hell was I thinking?" territory.

Rule 8: Shop Around
Unless you're one of those people who are just annoyingly lucky and manage to find the perfect item in the very first shop you go into, you'll most likely spend ages going from one shop to the next checking out all your options.
The same rule applies with finding a great boy. Look around and see what's out there. If you're constantly stuck in the same cycle of going out with guys you meet at exactly the same places then you might miss out on the guy of your dreams hiding in the least likely of places. In this case - take the opportunity to shop 'til you drop!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


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Haha...ah! The happier times...that was then...this is now. Anyway, does anyone know where to get the Bouncing ninja Turtle emoticon from??? i have it in msn but i would like to use it somewhere else but i don't know how to get it out of there. if you know or found it, pls let me know

Sleep = Escapism

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I figured that sleep is a form of escapism. I think i wrote about this a little earlier. I notice that i like to sleep whenever there's a problem or anything. I think it's because then you kinda avoid the problem for a little while more. And when you are sleeping, you don't think and ruminate about your problems as the day goes on...

And when you sleep, you get to dream about things like how you want it to be, you're in your own la-la land. You don't have to face the sad, disappointing, ugly reality for a little while longer.

But as all sleep goes, you have to wake up eventually, then the ugly reality comes rushing back like a freight train, in your face. And all the thoughts, memories, feelings come back and devour you whole.
Just a little note, i slept from 2am yesterday morning to 3.15pm today, woke up, ate abit, went back to sleep at 4.30pm until 9pm, woke up, ate abit, and now am here. And after this post is done, i will go back to sleep.


Leave a Comment has been an interesting day.

Classes were okay...i can't believe that one week has passed by so quickly. Maybe cos i wasn't really concentrating on the things i was doing this week, and was too busy daydreaming and my mind was preoccupied with the BouncingNinjaTurtle.

Let me ceritakan about my blah projects, which seems to be the same as always...
Projects class, this time we only have one major project. The usual drawing after drawing after drawing after sketchmodel after sketchmodel...Blehh, its getting to me. Well, this project is to create a Kiosk based on whatever theme you choose, like mine is Animal Prints, as in zebra stripes, leopard spots and others like that. I haven't gotten very far ahead in the project so thats about as detailed as it gets.

Drawing...We have to do this artwork on Crime. We all selected a newspaper cutting each on whatever crime catches your fancy. Mine is on this guy who was jailed for having sex with an underaged girl. So we have to pick out main keywords, like guy, sex, underaged girl and morph them into explain how you see the feeling behind the crime. The objective is to get people to think about the crime without pre-perceptions about the characters involved.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo i wanted to portray the guy as a predatory animal, like a lion or tiger, who crouches and waits to pounce on unsuspecting prey. But then a lion could mean bravery or sumthing like that so i decided to do a tiger. An evil looking grouchy old tiger.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSex however took abit of thinking. I was thinking to bring out the joining of bodies. So i was thinking la, lock and key, entertwining branches...then I decided to use a bolt and nut. Haha..more appropriate i guess.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe underaged girl also was abit tough. I want to portray her as naive, just sprouted into the world and knowing nothing. So i thought babies?? But i decided on a sapling, or a newly sprouted tree. Gah...don't ask me why...same as above.

So i have to connect these three elements into my sketches ler...

Other than that, Malaysian studies is quite lively, more alive than i thought it would be. But i can't help it la. i feel so sleepy on Friday afternoons...

Thats so much for the update on College Life ...