Saturday, January 20, 2007


no not pima cotton. more like, Pain in my ass.

CDFM is a real pain in my ass.

So what if this is public? Screw you.

You guys deserve to be wrenched out in public.


I'm real pissed cos of you.


Why does everyone want me not to be me.

don't you understand?

not that i don't listen or admit i have a problem.

sure everyone has problems

i just don't want to confront that right now

i'm not superwoman.

fuck man.

let me handle one thing at a time la

im trying to get some things right, right now

so dont pile more things on my plate

See, im so freaking pissed at everyone and everybody and everything, i cursed.

Well, freedom of speech and artistic license and all that...


why don't everyone just leave me alone.

go handle your perfect lives and perfect selves.

and leave me alone.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pics from 2006

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At the MIFW a couple of months back. My partner-in-crime was drooling over the girls...hahaha. It was here where i got the first inklings of what my future looks like.Agape Seremban. One of the only AFC outreaches this year and a first time joint collaboration with G4G. It was fun, right guys? Made us all yearn for more but oh well, not until we solve our stuff. Me and some soon-to-be famous people. Haha, dunno about that la. Ash and Jo, at TSB after their booklaunch. Go get the book, it's called Write Out Loud compiled by Karen Ann Thesiera *at least i think thats how to spell her name* if only for their two stories which i think are pretty interesting!

See! I'm doing your marketing for you two. You guys should pay me. Pics from Christmas Service 2006. My outfit was one of the least expensive of the years... coming up to a total of RM110. Good eh? The red bubble dress was a good find! Its really comfy and so worth the 35 bucks i paid for it. What can i say? I'm a cheap-skate, so sue me. Why waste all your money on one piece of clothing, when i can get four or five for less! Hahaha.

So there went 2006 and onwards to 2007. New sem starts in a week, man...hehe, i think i still have some outstanding assignments. Oh well.