Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back again, Off again.

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Ok people, i've been resting since i got back from Singapore. My legs are thanking me.
Well, i'm off again.
Off to PBA in Cameron's.
Will update after i get back with loads of pics i promise.
On a different note, i saw the most patriotic sight several days ago.
It was so patriotic i felt like standing up, cheering and singing the national anthem.


It was the national flag on a highway being run over again and again.

Next to some bits of leftover roadkill.
*should have taken a picture, dang*
I want my computer back!
I miss all my photos, photoshop and illustrator.
I missed out on so many jobs.
Could have made lots of money.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ep6 : Island Escapees

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Ep5 : The Invasion

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As you would have noticed, i'm too lazy to update anymore. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. These are my grandaunties, (left) number 8 and (right) number 2.

Ep4 : Historical Nature, Natural History

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[the singapore river walking tour]
See that behind the bridge? That's the oh-so-famous Fullerton Hotel. I sneaked a peek inside the revolving doors and i quickly walked out after that. I felt so small like a little church mouse inside a grand cathedral. All the ladies walked by with their LV bags and the men were all in suits. Even the bellboys looked grand.
This is the big durian, also called Esplanade theatres on the bay. I was there very early so nothing was happening =([At the Asian Civilisation Museum]

Ep3 : The Artsy Fartsy

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Day three and i'm abit sore from all the walking.
I take it slow and easy, wake up later, walk slowly...
Rest more often...
And so for abit of peace and quiet, my first stop was St. Andrew's Cathedral.
[At st.Andrew's]
Beautiful isn't it?
It was so serene, while just outside, the city hustled and bustled with their daily lives.
A few people were inside, some tourists and some there to pray, to have some time with God.
I didn't want to intrude so i quickly took a few key pictures and left them to solitude.
Some other tourists weren't so observant though. They continued snapping pictures, flashing here and there and talking loudly about how beautiful the place is. Sigh
Earlier this morning, i had discovered Mos Burger! I love it! It tastes different from the usual McD's burger. They don't have it here! Janene doesn't understand why i like it, she thinks its a ripoff from the usual burgers. Oh well, ,to each his own.[The Old Parliament and Elephant something or other]
Nothing much here cos i can't go inside and have a looksee. But these are all shots from the outside. The buildings are so grand, don't you think? I would like my house to have an exterior like that.
This was an accident. I wanted to take a picture of the signboard and the sun just made a rainbow across it. God's beautiful creations, no? Unlike anything i could ever create. This elephant was a gift from the prince of Thailand or something like that.This was a half swept away mural. I think someone drew it with chalks, and its meant to be temporary. But i feel its a terrible thing to let art go to waste like this. This is the first time i've seen ziggy zaggy lines like this, and i found out from a taxi driver that they mean no stopping and no picking up passengers.[The Singapore City Gallery]
This place shows all the planning that went into the making of Singapore and all the planning that is still going on to keep on improving Singapore. This is a model of the entire Singapore island. I feel like the tyrannosaurus in those dinosaur movies, and just one foot can crush several little thingies on the model. A lot of work and dedication went into the model, that's for sure. Every little detail is carefully and painstakingly carved, most of it is wood. This is the Red Dot Design Museum. Unfortunately for me, i came on a wrong day. The exhibition wasn't very interesting. And the little designer's bazaar is only on sunday. But anyway, here's what i got from there. Looks like a fire department, doesn't it? It sure makes a statement.These are the works of some local artists and designers...Apparently this one is work of two called the snatchthieves, one's called the don and the other is the con artist. Here you see the don...and you see the red line...he's actually connected to the con artist on another wall panel. [At the Malay Heritage Centre]
The shophouses around Arab Street are fantastic. Look at these windows. So beautiful!This is Haji lane. I'm told its the narrowest *is there such a word or is it most narrow?* lane in Singapore. It's barely enough to fit two cars, then also small cars.This is a mural by the NAFA students. You can actually find more buildings with murals as such around this particular area. Anyway, while admiring these murals, i was actually trying to look for the Selegie Art House, but i kept going around and around in the wrong direction so in the end, i gave up and went back to Bugis to eat and then drop dead.