Sunday, March 25, 2007

Argh the evil tag!

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  1. I'm Malaysian ; I hate durians. (in case you were wondering, the weird part is the durians)
  2. Hi, my name is Erin and I'm a tightwad shopaholic.
  3. I don't have the constitution to watch horror, thriller, scary, non-scary but hints at being scary movies or books - AT ALL.
  4. I like being alone but i fear loneliness.
  5. Sometimes i like the quiet around me, but i also hate it if there's too much noise. The other day, i was doing work and i had to have the tv on otherwise too quiet. So then my mum waltzes in and starts chattering away at the top of her voice. I get really annoyed and told her to not disturb me. Weird eh.
  6. I still can't get over the fact that somebody stole my painting and i'm still angry about it.
i suppose this is the result of too much free time - actually reacting to tags, in OTHER people's blogs.

1. Drea
2. Jan
3. Hobbit
4. Can't think of 3 more...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Woo Hoo!

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Holiday y'all!
I won't be around much though, planning to stay at home and do up some things i've been meaning to catch up on, like my scarf - which i have been knitting since 3rd sem (6 months ago)- and some patterns i wanna try out.

It's only my first day of holiday since the last day of school but already i've made a skirt - very Americana 50's style full pleated skirt. If you wanna see it, it's over at my funkmonkeystuff site -oh ya! About that site, i decided to call it funkymonkeystuff for now cos it's not really a business yet. Sorry for the inconvenience, all you who have already bookmarked =P

Other than that, i have no life. Haha. I betcha Case is gonna be the same. Two kaper-kawans. Alrighty then, i'm gonna get back to my crafting. See y'all around!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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Hah, you cannot imagine the absolute relief i gleefully feel in knowing that i only have two more days of exams before the ONE WEEK HOLIDAY. -i know its very little, but oh well. Take joy in the small things as well -

I'm already imagining in my mind the things i wanna try out during the holidays. I've got some oh so faux leather which i'm thinking i should quilt before doing anything to it. Like the Burberry effect. So maybe a clutch purse or a small bag. Then i also wanna try out Case's skirt plan -YAY! i'm so looking forward to a new skirt-

And before u ask, Case is a nickname i now give a new friend from college. She's totally cute and if i had better skin, i would wear all her clothes. Haha we have totally similar taste and wo both love to experiment with more than what the course requires. Will probably write more about her as i get to know her better in school. However, i doubt we'll be taking the same classes in future though =( cos she's one semester "younger" haha

Alrighty, back to work for me. Ciaoz

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sometimes i wish

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Sometimes i wish i could start over everything with a clean slate
so i can try and get everything right this time 'round.

Sometimes i wish i never met you
so i don't have to be so confused and upset.

Sometimes i wish you could just take me as i am
and be happy.

Sometimes i wish i wasn't so ugly
so you could love me.

Sometimes i wish i was a stronger, better person
so i don't have to hear you nag.

Sometimes i wish you could see what i do
instead of only seeing my faults, everything i do wrong.

Sometimes i wish i could do more
for me and also so you would stop.

Sometimes i wish i were dead
so i wouldn't have to live.

Sometimes i wish a lot of things
but they rarely come true.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slouchy Effortless

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I think this is the theme of my season : Slouchy Effortless

I like the casual, can't be bothered look that seems almost effortless. The boyfriend pants, flat boots, smock tops and hairbands just do it for me currently. A bit of tailored pieces plus loads of don't care attitude just rocks!

Monday, March 12, 2007


Sigh. People just don't get it. Sometimes its not that we don't want to do something, sometimes we can't. Like me. I have too many things to do, too little time to do it. All my friends - and when i say friends, i mean my real friends - complain about why i never meet up with them anymore, why i don't come online and why when i do, i don't answer or talk to anybody. Sheesh, you think i like it this way? I wish everyday that i can just go out everyday, dance like mad, meet everyone, AND finish my coursework. But oh well, so much for wishful thinking.

So it really pisses me off when people ask so much more of me when i'm not free to do whatever. You know when i am free, sometimes i offer to do something. But people say i'll get back to you and only get back to me when i'm not free anymore. It's really dumb la. I can't live on your time.

To me, the higher priority lies elsewhere. So i think in this case, you guys have to live with it.
And i refuse to feel guilty at all. Cos i believe where i am now is where i'm called to be.
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Sigh. Why must people guilt trip? Why must i feel guilty, is the more honest question. You know, it's difficult. Difficult to choose which calling to answer. I believe i am called to both, but just that it is more important for me to concentrate on one.

Sometimes i wonder whether it's worth working at anymore.


I want to move out.

I want to move to New York.


We'll see how that goes. Once i get to make good stuff, i'll be finishing up my portfolio and sending it to CSM or Parsons. ASAP. And the sooner i get out of here, the better.

I'm just sick and tired of this place. Today, i had so much trouble just to decide on what to eat, cos i've eaten at all these places dozens of times. Then i remember people who have no choice what to eat and i shrink back and feel absolutely evil.

Ah,well. i'm just in for something new.


I'm turning over a new leaf. And this leaf is NOT a trait for a fashion loving design student.
It's ... saving.

AHHHH! I look at something nice and i can't buy it. Cos my conscience eats and eats at me until i don't want to buy it anymore. It's terrible! I feel so suppressed. (How blonde can i be? Complaining over the lack of shopping , sheesh)

Anyway, it's good. Please keep encouraging this trait in me, everyone.

Friday, March 09, 2007

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Hey all, sorry for abandoning you. I've been really busy lately with my finals and final project due soon. Weekends...huh? What weekends? Haven't seen many weekends. There isn't much to look forward to except for more work, more studying and more wishing i could just laze around all day.


I'm being robbed of personal time.

Oh well. Nothing i can do about that. thank goodness for the week of holiday coming up soon.
Okay, that's enough whining for one post, Erin.


Caught a couple of movies though and i found an interesting book. Well, it's interesting enough for BouncingNinjaTurtle to say its interesting so it must be.
Saw Primeval, which was entertaining enough
- i say that because ANY horror, thriller, or whatever thats scary - is enough to keep me from a similar movie for months.

Watching me watch scary movies - now THAT'S real entertainment.

There were some interesting (Wow, that's the fourth time i'm using 'interesting'. I must be feeling real articulate today -_-") lines in the show, although mostly spoken by the token black funny dude.

You know, that croc's a lot like OJ. He made a mistake when he killed that white woman.

I'm never gonna say this in front of a bunch of white people. Slavery was a good thing. Anything to get the fuck out of Africa is a good thing.

He had the best lines, this guy. Ah well, a consolation prize for being token funny black dude, maybe.

Also, 300. 300 was good. Really good. Abit lazy to write about it tho, so i'll leave u all to watch it without a spoiler...but not for long! Hehe, will be back.