Friday, March 31, 2006

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Repeat the Calm

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Necessity is the mother of invention

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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My phone is coming today! My phone is coming today! So happy!!! Hello my darling!

Evil Lecturers

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Remember the moral lecturer? Haha, she only comes in on Monday and Tuesday. Last Wednesday, the school of design held this sorta feedback session on the course. They wanted to know the opinions suggestions and things like that. So my class rep gave them the lowdown on the moral lecturer and even showed them a copy of her superman notes *we call it superman notes cos she gets this idea that when you are religious you become like superman* and the people who were interviewing were really disgusted at the kuali-ty of her notes. And so the next Monday, which was yesterday, we had class as usual. We waited for her for half an hour, then we started thinking, eh, where is she? She was taking so long. Maybe she was being confronted by her bosses about her shoddy work? Ergh, if so then i dread her coming in. So we waited for another half an hour until one of the other students messaged her and she said no class today. So we were thinking, wah! Takkan she kena confront then too emo to teach right? So we left class. Quite sad la...cos i didn't have class in the morning and only came for about 1 hour. Petrol is not cheap you know.

Anyway, another reaction from the feedback session was our dearest drawing lecturer. You see MooMooCow thanked him for teaching us so much but questioned whether this material should have been taught during the first semester instead. But i think he misunderstood her and terasa la. In fact, it should have been our first semester lecturer who terasa. So today, he reiterated his perspective drawing points and when he wanted a demo, he kept calling MooMooCow. And he made silly remarks to Martin as well, cos he's our other class rep. So childish right? Sigh...

Sunday, March 26, 2006 much for loyalty

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I'm telling you not many stick around. Not many really care. In everybody is just differing levels of faking it out. Maybe hmm you're faking it a little sometimes and ummm maybe you just can't tell the truth too well and fake it really bad and you! You're the worst! You claim you damn well care and love and shit like that and hah! Behind closed doors behind people's backs NOT TO MENTION in public mengata-ngata orang. So hm...well. LOYALTY? kiss my ass.

But then again, i have my own levels of faking it so what the hell right, who am i to complain?

I'm just saying you know your own loyalty won't get you no where with people. NO shit. Be around for what as long as i've been around and work your ass off be passionate even when others were slacking it off and slacking it off still, putting off for MORE important shit, but it still don't get you no where.

Yeah, some of you might know what i'm talking about but how many care? I don't want comments to this post cos it only goes to show how many people fake it to me so just keep it to yourself. I'm just fine off alone. I am growing to like being alone and i love it. NOt complaining about nobody around and not complaining about no boyfriend and not complaining im lonely. So don't go assuming that i am. Sympathetic as it may be, i don't need it. Much less then reminder that i used to be a leech like that, leeching off other people for life support. Maybe i still am but i don't need to know.

I'm slowly extricating myself from this...Getting out while i still can...Wanna know why you have such bad rapport such a bad name with some people? Cos you damn well earned it and deserve it. Bitch and do stupid things, of course you deserve it. I'm sucked in to these things, learning good as well as all this shit...It used to be different, better than this but i'm not learning anymore and i know better. and i want OUT.

i just don't have the patience like some of you do. I'm impatient yeah and easily have stuck around for as long as i did was whoa...real long. And i stuck around cos i thought there was something good going on. But there ain't anymore. Nah a! No more. I've had enough.

This last thing was a test. Just to see...and looks like you failed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Moral Lecturer

It seems to me that my moral lecturer is a very misinformed lady. I really can't imagine where she picks up these odd pieces of information and please note, completely incorrect, pieces of information. For example, she seems to think that the Buddhists or Hindus *i can't remember which* need to "mencapai karma". The dictionary explanation for karma is a term in several eastern religions that comprises the entire cycle of cause and effect. Karma is a sum of all that an individual has done, is currently doing and will do. And how do you think one would "mencapai karma" then, if karma merely is cause and effect. I think she has confused karma with moksya, which is final liberation or something like that, cos that is something that can be achieved. You can't achieve karma. So when she asked a question going something like what do the hindus believe in, i said they believe in mencapai moksya. And she went, "huh? apa tu? Tak ada macam tu la". No comment.

And also she says that Jesus menerima wahyu when he was 27 yrs old. Wahyu from my understanding is some sort of inspiration from God, i remember this from sejarah when we came across this. It was what God gave to Nabi Muhammad about something or another like that. I would think that Jesus knew what he had to do even since he was a young boy and God has always been inspiring all his actions and everything. Why when he's 27? Now i might be wrong about this fact, i'm not so sure. So if you know more about this, pls let me know. Maybe something happened when Jesus was 27, and if you know, pls leave a comment.

Anyway, these are examples of stuff that she constantly craps. She also says that drinking alcoholic drinks is forbidden in all religions. Aha, if so then we should probably stop taking wine during Communion ennit? Sigh, Why la? Either her resume must be fake or those hiring must be blind. It's terrible. She's not worthy to teach us cos she doesn't even know what she's talking about.

So i thought, what luck la. And i was telling StDavinus about this. And he told me about his lecturer when he was in college. Apparently the Christians believe in The Father, the Mother and the Son. Hahahahaha. I almost died laughing. So i'm not the only one. But i seriously hope that not all Moral lecturers are like that.

Can you imagine, let's say, if some students don't know about these things and they believe what the lecturer is crapping? Can you imagine how rotten their minds would be, filled with this crap? Aiyo...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hear that?

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Don't call me on Saturday for anything! I'm sleeping.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


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So tired of everything. Physically tired and mentally tired and emotionally tired...just tired in every way. I just want to rest. Stop rest refresh and start a new day. But i don't get no rest. Monday to Friday busy busy busy, Saturday busy busy busy, Sunday busy busy busy. I don't have rest. and it's not good to keep on without rest. So i have decided,no matter what, i will take rest. On Saturday and Sunday. those are my days of rest and I WILL REST.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


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I can't bear it anymore.

It's been too long since i blogged. Haha...=)

So this is it.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nothing is Original

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I recently came upon a friend who has an interesting outlook on originality. Her point is, nothing is original. Because everything that you know is based on history, someone else's knowledge and most likely that person probably learnt his/her knowledge from persons before him/her. You have not a single opinion that's original because your opinion is formed from knowledge. If you know from reading, youre reading someone else's opinion. You agree with that opinion...So long story short, nothing is original.

Let me ruminate some more about this...I would like to think that everything goes back to God. God taught Adam and Eve right? So the most original you can get is God. That's like originality infinity. Ok, i might be crapping abit here...i lost my train of thought. Bleh...I'll be back after i catch that train.

Bad, Barf and Beyond

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Not surprisingly, i have been proven...right...again...Like i said, i'm not really surprised but i am. Its really amusing. This time it only proves that its definitely bad, makes me wanna barf and these people are beyond help. Sigh

Anyway, just came back from watching the movie "Prime", starring Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep. DON'T WATCH IT. It is so potong steam cos the not an ending. There is no ending. The ending is non-existent. Sigh. It's about this 37 yr old divorcee who has a good relationship with her therapist/counselor and when she starts dating again, she meets this 23 yr old guy. She's got 14 yrs on him! Anyway, you know la bla bla bla they fall in love, sex comes after that, bla bla bla and so all this while she's been telling her therapist about this fantastic guy. Then suddenly the therapist realises that this woman is talking about her son, she's dating her son! She's telling her all about her son's penis!!! Til that moment she never even knew her son had a penis! was funny when it came to that moment. So then the story continues and u'd expect the normal ending as they stay together anyway, mom accepts them and they live happily ever after. But it ends as he's discussing leaving the country and he meets her in a restaurant and they act like they're meeting for the first time in a long time *which is only a year as the line year later* and then they both walk away from each other with nostalgic smiles on their faces. EinsteinsMaster assumes that they gave up and moved on and so its all better this way anyway. I nearly strangled him in the cinema. This is not what people pay to SEEEE!!!!! pay to see happy endings! Cos we need hope!!!