Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dreary Dreadful

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I am deeply troubled. I can't sleep, because it is when my mind is idle where troubling thoughts come piling into my mind.

I'm afraid i have no one to tell about my troubles. The blog is too public, some friends do not keep secrets and some i have worn out with many nights of telling these things. Old problems that become new, new problems that are getting old...

I haven't had a night like this for a long time. It seems that it only hits me when i am not expecting it.

I was unnecessarily mean to someone today. Really mean. And the poor thing was only in the line of fire. I needed somewhere to rant and convey some anger, and so i really gave it to this particular person. *although a small part of me still thinks that it was well deserved and was long time coming*

I was also wondering who is that damned fool who said, 'Tis better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all."? Seriously. Cos i'd rather not have loved at all. I do. Really.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Perfection? Schmerfection

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Was feeling quite down yesterday. Dunno why...maybe it was the rainy weather *grin* or maybe not. But i decided to stick up my chin and grin and saaaay,'The sun will come up TOMORROW! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow....' And so on and so forth as the song goes. And I went for a little retail therapy. I don't know why but shopping seems to take my mind off things and the look of money leaving my purse seems to make me happy. Hahaha, i'm so female.

Bought quite a bit of accesories for myself and a book to keep me company in Coffee Bean. So much for my saving up for a rainy day. I'm expecting a thunderstorm.

The Sunrise Jazz Fest last night was cool. DeORImeow was guest artiste for Lewis Pragasam and Asiabeat so naturally to support a friend, a couple of us turned up to cheer and yell and whistle *Daniel so tak jadi*. The artiste before that, Rachel Guerzo, totally killed TWO of my favorite songs. She sang 'Slow Boat to China' so slowly, it felt more like a funeral song. It's supposed to be fun, teasing and cheerful...a song that makes you feel romance and mischief at the same time. But she MASSACRED it. She's got a good Laura Fygi kinda voice, but she mumbles abit and after the thing with the song, she's so out of my books.

There were a coupla cute guys around, this time round the place wasn't so full. Last time, we couldn't even find a proper seat at a proper table. But this time, tables aplenty. So we sat right in front of the stage. I don't know what it is with girls and guys with guitars. They just look so hot with a cool guitar. Sigh.

Anyway, no hope for a guy for me anytime soon. If the talking and sarcastic jokes don't turn him off, the skin will. My sure-fire way of eliminating losers is doing just that, ELIMINATING THEM. There sure are a lot of LOSERS. Makes me wonder whether there actually are guys who aren't losers, who can look beyond this stupid skin and see more, see potential. I don't mind being alone, being single. But my girlish vanity would still like to know that there is some guy who thinks i'm beautiful, some guy who would love me no matter what. Maybe there's no such guy. Am i looking for some non-existent perfection?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Butt Crack Pants

I was shopping with Ash the other day. I was looking for a nice pair of skinny jeans/straight cut jeans because i've never worn those and i wanted to see how i look in it.
Well, they say that skinny legs look good in skinny jeans, and since i can't take pride in nice skin, so i'll take pride in the nice size of my legs.


Anyway, so i walked into Blook and asked for a pair. The salesman told me it was the only design they have, and they only have it in one colour. So okay, i put it on.

It came up to, er...i'm embarrassed to say, half my butt and stopped just barely covering important enough areas that NEED covering. But it still looked fine and i walked out to admire my legs in the HUUUUGE mirror. It looked GREAT! I loved how my legs looked super skinny and long. LOVED IT!

So okay, satisfied, i walked back into the changing room and performed the sit down test required of jeans.



There wasn't a mirror in the changing room, so i used my handy camera phone to snap a pic. Oh man, its easier to describe what was covered, cos its a whole lot less to describe than what WASN'T covered. So thanks, but no thanks, i walked out of the store and left my super skinny and long legs with the Blook salesman.

I don't understand how its possible for a girl to be comfy in jeans as such. I'm not the most kolot person around, i have no hesitation to bare some skin if my skin allows, but butt crack jeans are definitely over the top *or is it under the top (of your butt)*. My friend Drea sent me an image a while ago of a girl she snapped with half her ass sticking out of her pants at an immensely public gathering. It makes me wonder how attractive butt cracks are to men exactly.

You see, i understand that women usually dress to impress and i understand how cleavage *usually ample and heaving*, a little bit of tight abs, or a peek of the ankles would be appealing, but BUTT cracks? You men out there, you tell me, is THAT appealing to you? Cos if it is, i would be extremely disappointed and weirded out.

There was a scene in SATC where the four women were talking about anal sex. Hahah, nothing to do with anal sex, but just an example.
Carrie: How did they get the message that the ass is now on the menu?
Miranda: I bet there's one loudmouthed guy who found some woman who loved it and told everybody,"Women LOVE this."
Carrie: Who is this guy?
Miranda: Who's the woman who loved it?
Samantha: Don't knock it til you try it.
And Carrie and Miranda share this look that says,'yep, there's the woman.'
Same thing applies here.
Some woman must have met a man who loved it looking at her in her buttcrack pants as much as she loved wearing them. Then they both gladly spread the news...Ergh.

This only leads me to think that, perhaps women should stop trying to dress to impress and men should stop requiring women to dress to impress. Seriously, let me paint the scene for you. Lets say my friends, Drea, Hobbit, Sharm, Swen and i had a girls night out. Lets just say Sharm and Drea *tied for the prettiest among us* dressed down and wore baggy jeans, sweaters, tied their hair in sloppy ponytails, sneakers and no make up, while the rest of us are welldressed, neat and pretty in pink *makeup*. What are the chances that one of us gets picked up instead of the pretty but a little bit sloppy Sharm n Drea? Hahaha, don't even think of it. You're in denial, just admit it won't you, you visually inclined people you? The chances are, its more likely we get picked up instead of them. Well, the common generalisation is that the more well dressed and neat you are, the more rich, confident, or self-loving you are. Sad right.

Well, lucky for me, i only dress up nicer on the weekends or when we girls go out. Catch me on the weekdays and u'll see what a slob i am. Baggy sweats, sunnies to cover my un-made over eye bags, sneaks... I like to think of it as elimination of the losers. If you don't like it, then just stay away, i don't need you to tell me i'm pretty.

"Don't Need You To Tell Me I'm Pretty"-Samantha Mumba

I don't need you to
Tell me i'm pretty to make me feel beautiful
I don't need you to
Give me your strength to make me feel i'm strong
I got all of this strength that I need here
inside my own two hands
All that I want is your love and respect for who I am
What I really need
Comes from deep inside of me

Don't need you to tell me i'm pretty to make me feel beautiful
Don't need you to make me strong cuz i'm strong all on my own
Doesn't come from outside
This beauty I know
Comes from inside my soul
Don't need you to tell me I'm pretty

I don't need you to
Believe in me to make me know i'm worth believing in
I don't need you to
Lift me up high to know I can stand tall ( I can stand tall)

I can stand my own ground
I can stand proud upon my own two feet
Don't have to be part of somebody else
To be complete
What I really need
Comes from deep inside of me

Don't need to come to you for...confirmation
Because I finally found too...this revelation
What I really need ( what I really need)
Im gonna find inside of me (find inside of me)
Not in somebody else
Respect...comes when you respect yourself

Don't need you to tell me i'm pretty to make me feel beautiful
Don't need you to lift me up, i can stand up on my own
Doesn't come from outside
This beauty I know (I know)
Comes from inside my soul
Don't need you to tell me i'm pretty to know i'm beautiful

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Brain Bored

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Bored outta my brains. Brained outta boredom.

I can't wait to start college.
I know i know, i say this now but when i actually do, i'll probably go nuts over the lack of time and many things to do. But i can't help it.
I work out all the time cos of nothing to do.
Not that i'm complaining of the nice muscles its given me.
But it gets tiring.

And sleeping all the time,
And EATING all the time.
Thats just what i do.
Eat, work out, sleep, watch tv.

And so i should have thoroughly explained the reason why i'm writing such a post.
If you haven't caught it yet, here it is:


Got it? Good.

I want to go to the beach.
I wanna go sun tan and all sorts of stuff like in Kuantan.
But I'm scared to go alone and there's no one to go with me.
I would go alone, but the parents will obviously object.

I want to go to Genting.
Maybe i should.
I know the way, i can drive.
Anyone want to come with?
We can sama sama sesat *eager grin on face*

*Gasp! Shocker!*

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Someone's home.

I'm happy?


Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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I like to blogsurf.

Its a weakness i know...*pout*

I usually don't encounter much other than the usual blogs lah, alot like mine, useless except for the blogger and friends of the blogger.

But today i came across this SUPER DUPER POSER PERASAN blogger, waaah, the amount of photos of the blogger is in direct proportion to the nonsensical reading material.


I actually know this person! Hahahhaa....
Not that i'm saying that my blog is super useful.
There are the blogs that are filled with useful info for friends to read, and there are those where friends (as in, ME) read briefly once and don't want to ever be subjected to that kind of torture again.

Not that i'm saying my blog is super nice.
There are those that try, and there are those who overdo-it. Personally, i can't stand those sickly sweet pink stuff all over or the extremely goth death themes. I think they're too much. And so do a lot of other people. Bleurgghh.

Not that i'm saying i'm a super intelligent writer.
Hahaha, i'm so outdated with my writing and i usually write in a conversational kind-of way anyway. But i don't like to use too many sms abbreviations. Cz susah 4me 2rd n susah 4othrs 2 rd oso, RIGHT? And even though i might write nonsense sometimes that can only be understood by me, i would try not to write stuff that might make me seem like an absolute dumb blonde. Ergh!

Not that i'm saying i'm not a poser.
Oh man. Downright i'm a poser. But i don't post up pic after pic of me in the same thing except for a change of eyeshadow and so to demonstrate, i don't torture u with my side profile with the new shadow, full frontal, the OTHER side profile and many more with different outfits to match. Hehe, even i'm not that vain. Ewww.

Not that i'm saying you can't have freedom to write whatever you wanna write and post whatever you wanna post.
Post la! Same reason why i'm posting this up as well!

I'm evil i know.

Monday, July 24, 2006

New me? Nuh-uh

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Exactly one year ago, i wrote about wanting to change...

Exactly one year today...

I can't be damned.
Maybe i should change some things.
I'll give you that.
But seriously, i like most of me right now.

*there are some things i know*
But screw you.
Not changing it for you, you, you OR you!
Only for one will i ever change for.
So get off my back.


I like me just fine.
Childish, a little bit fat...
Sometimes a snob,
Mostly happy, fun loving
Warts and all, i still like me JUST FINE.

At least i can admit i'm childish and sometimes a snob

Sunday, July 23, 2006


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*is the coast clear?*

One day has passed.

Bah humbug!

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You ever have those moments where some memory just hits you and you smack your forehead and wonder,'What the hell was i thinking?'


I just made such a memory today.

Remember that scene in SATC, where Carrie and Mr.Big hooked up behind Aidan and Natasha's back, and she gets these black and white flashbacks of their *hmm hmm * intimate moments and she just smacks her forehead and says,'Ohhhh!'?


This is one of those moments.


I have alot of these memories actually. And at the most inopportune times, they hit me, like a train, making me cringe and wonder,'What in the world possessed me to do such a thing?'
Chalk it up to youth?
Hehe, not so fast, buddy.
Can't just blame it on youth and let it go...
It'll come back to haunt you.

*Like that time i...*

*oh, ya! And that time we...*

*And when i did that...*

Vivid images flash before my eyes.
I always make it a point to not repeat THESE perrr-ticular doings.
Of course, one flashback is bad enough, who wants a double whammy?
It's like that saying...
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
*something to that effect*

Anyway, i'm going to sleep.
Hopefully that will erase all memories for the moment.
Although, i know its inevitable.
Just let me escape it for now.
Good night.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What to do?

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I don't know what i want to do with my life.

I have ambitions, yes yes...
An abundance of ambition.
I know what i want to do...
I know i have some talent, here and there.

I'm in between Raffles and Limkokwing
and the only thing keeping me from jumping on the first train out to either
is me lazy ass bum.


If only i was a rich man's daughter like Paris Hilton, sigh...
no need to study but pretty much do as you wish your whole life long.
Bleehehh, i don't think i would enjoy her kinda life either.
Living in the limelight all the time is not all that great.
Buahah, if i'm ever so lucky to be alltime super designer, famous in all sorts of countries, i'd probably be living in the limelight as well. Then at least, i'll be famous for what i do, not what i'm wearing or what i did with this that guy.


I wanna go to US.
Visit Philly, Manhattan, San Francisco...
I wanna visit those flea markets, antique stores, those 2nd hand stores...
It's like digging for treasure =)
They have real flea markets, not like the chaplang pirated versions of flea markets we have here. Yeurrrggh...the crap they have on sale *really*

Then i want to own a cool litle apartment/loft of my own.
Or a place like Carrie Bradshaw's.
*not exactly like it of course*
I'm not a copy cat.
But a place like that...
All to myself.
Decorated by yours truly.
And no car. Just a bike.
And i can bike around the park and to the store on the next block.
And own little kittens...
Meoowww *i swear that nobody will ever make me give away a beloved pet ever again*



Help the Meows and Bow-wows!

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Dear Friends,

I just received news that about 60 dogs and cats need adoption urgently between tomorrow (19 July) and Friday (21 July). These animals are scheduled for culling tomorrow, but the local MP (authorities) has given an extension to the culling date. Half the animals are licensed and belong to owners.

Tomorrow, the animals will be photographed and posted on blogs (or advertised) so that owners can locate them.If you would like to rescue these animals by adopting them, please show up tomorrow at No.1 Jln Utama, Jln Perindustrian Puchong Perdana, Selangor Malaysia; at 9am. If we can find homes for most of the animals, perhaps we can do away with the culling!

For more enquiries, contact: Kokila 0166070398 or Sham 0122238459

Kindly spread the word around! Post on blogs, and online bulletin boards.Thank you.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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YOU need to get over yourself.

You DON'T know everything.

You need to stop being an overbearing, overdrama ordeal.

You need to stop banging other people.


As you can see, i'm pissed.
Cos some people just...
Piss me off lah.

Qian left at 7.30pm.
So sad right?
Thank goodness i won't be going through all this.
Not now at least.
But its only going to be a year.
It'll fly by in no time.

Also, BouncingNinjaTurtle will be back soon also.
Don't know how that's gonna be.
Weird and awkward?
Cos there'll always be something there for me.
A soft spot.
Not being friends is even weirder.
Anyway, thats gonna be trial and error.

Boredom requires quizzes

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I am a excalibur!
Find your own pose!


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Some people...
find it important for me to know about their oh-so-happening lifestyle.

Some people...
find it necessary to let me know about said lifestyle at 2.30 bloody %&*$# AM.

Some people...
feel the need to make up things about their lame lives to impress other people.

And oh-lucky me.
I happened to encounter such person in my lifetime.
And now i will regret it for the rest of said lifetime.

This particular person...
*should i even bother to mask his name, cos i WANT to embarrass him*
Anyway, this asshole of an idiot, calls me at that ungodly hour to ask me something...
A VERY important question, i'm sure...

''Ei, do you know where Waikiki is?''

Farking hell.
Do i look like i give a damn at 2.30 in the morning?
Get a life and go to sleep.
Even if you don't sleep, DON'T BUG ME!

And besides, who the hell goes to these places on a MONDAY???
NObody goes on monday cos nobody will be there, u dumb &%$*
Cos NORMAL PEOPLE like ME, go on weekends, you lameass fat piece of shit.

NOw i'm pissed.
Cos i didn't get good sleep after a really long day
AND i had to wake up early.
So YOU, bloody basket, had better not call me, see me, accidentally bump into me.



Farewell Hobbit!

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Qian is leaving...
Actually that little sentence above has been my excuse for everything from partying, drinking, going out late, dancing and staying over at friends' houses.
You rock!

Hahaaa, but she's leaving tomorrow...
*pout* does this signal the end of partying???
Hobbit, i will miss you dearly.
*cos i don't get to go partying oso*

Cos mizzz Swen is hogging the pictures =(

Anyway, today was busy.
Just driving around everywhere.
Had lunch at this quaint little shop called the Teapot in SS2.
The food is really good and the decor is sooooo CUTE!
They've got this collection of teapots
and they're EVERYWHERE!!!
Even the door handle is teapot shaped!
The food is superbly fantastic.
Go check it out k...

I wanted to check out the Cineleisure that just opened...
Heh, the only shop open in the new mall is a kuci kurau Nike shop.
Qian came along and we started shopping like crazy la.
*actually more her than me...*
Then later we met up with Sharm, Swen and some friends for dinner
@the Salmon Steak in Subang.
Qian n i were thinking up a theory on nerds compared to jocks...
Well, the gist of it was 'Experience don't mean a thing without education' lah
Go figure.

*ok ok...if you still don't get it, come and ask me*
Not something i wanna post up in detail in public =)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sun, Sea, Sand...

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The last time i went there, well, i had to be told that i HAD been there...
So that was preeeeety long ago.

Wasn't all that great, although i still appreciate the fact that my dad wanted to take us all on a holiday.
It was filled with white people *i don't know how else to call them without sounding weird-caucasians?- and/or rude-kwailo-*
One even had his wedding there, with a chinese woman.
Don't even get me started.
*yes, you know i think that some asian women are so money minded*
They had no taste in wedding deco.
Who the heck puts BROWN in your wedding colour code.
It's not even in a garden *mayb near one*
AND its NOT fall.

Lameass people who get married.
*it's my wedding and i'll cry if i want to??*
I suppose the same principle applies.

*Eeyerrr, i see drooooollll.... GROSS!!!*
Hehe, kidding!
Hugeass comfy pillows. And they give u 2 pillows each!
I guess they should.
Its a five star hotel.
And besides...
We're paying for it
See what we like to do on holiday?
We like to watch TV!!!
So cacat i know.
This was a nice view of the balcony and the sunshine.
Didn't notice the butt tho. =)
*i'm sure u do now*
Experiment from inside the closet.
It's failed,
if you haven't noticed.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm the man!

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Ever since the skin problem landed in my front yard, i've been using this as an opportunity to concoct interesting outfits that suit both my need to cover up and my need to look funky.
eHehhe, must live up to the name, you see.

And so today, i explored the male perspective of fashion. Imagine the black pinstripe fedora, the white shirt, the black suspenders and black pants kinda thing going on.
And so happened that my ladies of the night, Drea, Sharm, Swen n Qian were almost all in black and white, so it turned out quite cool.
I was the man of the night.
Not only that, we went to Bangkok Jazz,
so the outfit quite complimented the place we went to.

It got quite depressing after a sip or two of my Long Island Iced Tea,
not that i wasn't expecting it.
It is a Jazzy place...
And almost all jazzy places love to play those two songs of mine.
Almost made me miss certain people.

But then again, after some girl chatter on the ride to QBar...
I forgot all about it.
I've been having some problems with beauty.
Especially with guys who can't take me n my skin.
Sometimes you just NEED to hear that you're beautiful.
It's just not the same to know it or hear it from your girlfriends.

QBar was a total disappointment la.
Supposedly closing at 2am, but when we reached,
just as we made our grand entrance...
They stopped the song and said goodnight.


And we were so looking forward to dancing.

GAh, nothing could stop us tonight tho
so we went to the mamak nearby Drea's place
and proceeded to cerita cerita about people and things and places.
*Ok OK* more like just about people...*hee hee*
Certain stupid people, bugging annoying ppl, and all the rest in between.

It was fun
but the night has to come to an end sometime.
And i need to get up today at around 6.
Going to Kuantan. Eurgh.
Anyway, that's all the update on nightlife.
Will post up pics when i get them from Swen.
Nightey night.

Friday, July 14, 2006


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That's what women are.
Women manipulate men.

Ah ah, *i can see those denial bulbs lighting over your heads* I'm a female myself. I know what women do.
Don't bother denying it.

Have you forgotten the time you smiled or batted an eyelash to get extra sauce on your burger, or a cheaper ticket? Maybe the time you flirted a little to get a better discount?
That is Man-ipulation.

I just came back from watching Pirates of the Carribean, and if you ask me, the biggest pirate in the movie is not Captain Jack Sparrow...
It's Elizabeth Swann, daughter of the Governor, fiancee of whatsisface Orlando Bloom feller and Pirate Extraordinaire.
If you've seen the movie already, you'll remember the part where she's snogging the oh-so-good man, Capt Jack. You'll remember the look on the Orlando Bloom fellers face. *sorry, he really is THAT forgettable a character*


you'll also remember what happens after that.
Hahaha, yes, all tied up around her finger.

Made me remember some things.
Some things i'm proud of, some i'm not.
Some that i remember fondly, some *eurgghhh*
Do all women do this?
Subconsciously or with full knowledge?

I'm too tired to think more about this now...
So i'll continue this later...


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bored, Boring, Boing!

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Looks like i'll be on holiday until October.

I'm a professional bum.

Wanna take lessons?
*i charge*

Watching Pirates later, YAY!
I think its one of my most anticipated movies of the year,
besides The Devil Wears Prada, of course!
The trailer looked good, although there were some movies whose trailers looked good but SOOOOO failed the whole package thingie.
And some people were already telling me that the movie is not as great as its supposed to be.

Well, i guess i'll have to see for myself.
*urgh, this huge pimple is pissing me off*

Gonna need to shower and choose an outfit now.
Heh, i want to leave earlier so i can walk around One U before the movie starts.
*but then again, no money to shop...=(


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More about Genting!

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Now that i have the time...
let me tell you about Genting!

Drea, Dan, Joe, Evonne n i have been practicing for about 3-4months for this hip hop item we'd be doing for the 6th International CDF Conference, which started Monday 10th. It's totally cool, choreographed, albeit last minute, by our favorite Joel...


*remember that scene in SATC, where this chinese woman and her gay friend were talking to Carrie and Stanford, the one about the models and non-models...*
They said something along the lines of,'Hi, this is my boyfriend , and by boyfriend, i use the term lightly, cos he's obviously gay'.

So here...
'By favorite, i use the term lightly...."

Nah, just kidding. He's not tHAT bad.

back to the conference.
We left KL about 2pm for Genting. As usual Dan drove around so dang-ed fast, he lost us not even 10 mins into the journey.
Cost Drea RM2.

Heh, after that he slowed down tho...*marginally*
We arrived just in time for the practice, which was around 3.30pm.
We did run into some bumps tho, practice-wise.
Unsure of steps, counts and all the usual problems that crop up just before presentation.

Also some misunderstanding led to a lack of CD for our song...
Lucky Joe had an extra blank cd, and the laptop had the song.
there'd be hell to pay for causing us to go all the way up there, with no song to perform to.

But then we all sat down to pray. And God works...
After that our problems went away and everything got better.
So the performance ran without a hitch.
And there was a special surprise at the end of our song.
Joel brought his team up and after our song finished, they continued into the next song, breaking and all. They were quite good... *ok ok, they were very good*

GRAND APPLAUSE after that,
but then again, the other performers did mention that the audience was very supportive.
Hahaha sometimes you never know with Christian audiences.
They might be clapping for real or they might be clapping out of obligation.
So you never know.

We'll get to see the video of us this coming Sunday *YAY*
I did some mistakes, but hopefully not too noticeable.
And my fedora kept coming off so i had to keep adjusting subtly...
Lucky i'm quite pro la, go to the back so nobody can see so clearly or put it in with a move, like you lift your hands and just tip it so it'll sit tighter on your head.
Hahaha, now you know all these secrets of the trade.
Anyway, from then on, you know and the pictures i've already put up.
There are more pics with Evonne and i'll put them up when i get them from her.

College Hopping

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First on the list : Raffles Design Institute
Tried, Tested, Sold *to my parents anyway

Dad thinks its good, most wellknown, bla bla, all the famous ones came from there.
But its so far away =(

Actually to tell the truth, i like the atmosphere there too. Its so welcoming and lots of natural light. I love natural light used in houses.
Hate those stupid fluorescent lights.

Second : Cenfad
We got lost. Bad sign.
When we finally got there...

It looks like its in the middle of a jungle.
We left.

Third: FACT
It wasn't where it was supposed to be.
The map was wrong.


The map was right, but we missed it.
Anyway, also another bad sign.

Fourth : LimKokWing
Yet to be seen...

But based on all i've seen and all my research so far, looks like Raffles is most promising.
So Singapore here i come? *sheepish grin*

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


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Hah! Footie's over!!!

Good. Great! Fantastic!

No more football. No more talking about football. No more football everywhere.

NO footie on the radio,
NO footie on the tv,
NO footie at the mamak,

*at least not in the crazy extents of the past weeks*

oh thank goodness, this totally makes my day.


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Waah, today every muscle on my body is aching.
And i'm so lethargic.

Thank goodness i don't have to go to work or go to school today, like the others *hehe*

Here's a pic of us outside *while WAITING again* camwhoring like Drea just learnt *muahhaha* It wasn't very cold la but it was wet n sticky.

JUUUUSSST because Qian didn't like the pic before this we had to take THIS picture. I don't like this one. I'm sure you can see why.

Poser Qian with Drea and Vonne.

HAhaha, Drea was practicing the moves. Caught on candid camera!!! Vonne was freezing...
We were so in loooove with the cool starlet lights! Haha, this was a failed picture.
Better now! But still missing the lights...
HAha, easier to take without the two posers there la.

This was what it was like outside, couldn't see much cos of the fog. And that little tiny figure there is Chai...
Me in costume n make up before the show. Joel specifically told us to put as little make up as possible, hehe, he doesn't like it. Supposed to focus on our moves not our faces.
And this is at the end of the night, where i pigged out on my mum's share of the RM75 din din. Hah dancing makes me hungry.

I'll try to get more pics of the night soon. I'm just waiting for the video to come out!! Yay, hope it looks good.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sob sob

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Huhuh...i think i'm having separation anxieties. I miss my Stinky Tinky so much. I don't hear him meow when i come home, got no one to snuggly wuggly. I'm so tempted to go back there and adopt him back.

But i can't.

Number one. My mum will kill me.

Number two. It's bad for me.

Number three. I won't be allowed to touch him, so it'll be bad for him too.

Number four. My mum will kill me.

**it's worse than breaking up**

However, there is a BRIGHT SIDE!
I got my Escada IBIZA HIPPIE today, and i love it! Smells so good.

Almost made me forget about my 'separation' stuff, but no.
It wasn't THAAAAAAAT good.


Now i remember...

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Ok ok, now i remember what i wanted to blog about.

You know, i find it weird when i finally meet the people whose blogs i read regularly. Not the ones whose writers i already know. The ones i don't know, the total strangers, connected by a strange six connections thingie.

I was shopping the other day with my mum n sis. *Did i mention that i like Forever 21 stuff?* So i took my mum there in hopes of hehe...discounts? I saw some bloggers that i read there, not to mention a friend's sister. Yer. Coincidence coincidence. Then another time i went to a warehouse sale and met people there too.

It really weirds me out, this strange meetings. I can see how the Internet generation will lack all social graces and communication savvy. Yeah yeah ya, we're in the age of communication technology and all that crap, but its not improving communication, in fact, its only making it worse.

Anyway, i'm out to collect that stupid Ikea friends card, that couldn't be Pos Laju-ed to me, but has to be collected from PUDU! So far i go.

Uh...i forgot

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I wanted to blog about something...but i forgot what it was.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wait, wait, wait...

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I'm so bored. Nothing to do but laze around. BLeeehhh, what a lazy lifestyle. Can't wait till i start college.

The only thing i have to look forward to now is the upcoming performance in Genting! Yay! We had a last practice on Sunday. Eyyoohhh, that was one sick practice la. They told us to come at 3pm, so we did. We had to wait around until 6pm cos some people didnt make it on time.

3 HOURS!!! Wtf...Don't understand why they couldn't have just started it anyway. So we just whiled away the hours doing nothing while waiting. I HATE WAITING. Then when we FINALLY started, we only had enough time to practice 3 times before the other dance trainer had to take the dancers away. Thanks la all of you who contributed to this. Terrible planning and everything.

Can't stand it. Why must Malaysians be perpetually late? Just holds up everything, spoils people's pre-planned schedules, wastes time. If people could just be on time, just plan their days properly. I hate being late and i hate people being late and i hate people who make me wait. Nuff said on that.

Yesterday i was at the hospital for another check up again. We again waited 3 hrs to see the doc for 5 mins. Haha, so not funny. At least this one is a doctor, so its understandable, cos lots of patients bla bla bla. And i noticed u meet alot of interesting people in the hospital.
1. Old man who used to act in Malaysian Chinese shows and commercials.
2. The old optician from OUG, the one i used to go to last time, that gave me those horrible pink glasses.
3. Susan Lankester. I think thats how her name is spelled.
4. This cute little boy. Very well mannered and well spoken. His mom speaks to him in perfect English and he in turn learns to do the same.

Haha, the cute little boy, after his appointment, his mom was waiting for the reciept and he didnt see her, so he ran to look for her. He ran all the way to the information counter, poor thing. His mom saw and ran after him, hehe. When she caught him and brought him back, he had to repeat to himself, 'Next time, i will follow instructions. Next time, i will follow instructions...' HAHAHA so cute la.

Anyway, if you don't find it funny, you probably need to be sitting in a hospital with nothing to do for three hours before you get it. So have fun, great day, whatever.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I Miss...

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I miss him so much. I don't get a warm & fuzzy greeting now everytime i come home.
I wonder how he's doing and whether someone nice has adopted him.
I wonder whether he's still biting...
I wonder if he's being treated well...
I wonder if he's eating properly.

I miss my Fatty.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

My dear Fatty

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Here's a post, dedicated to my dear Fatty, who's gone away to stay with someone else.
At least, i'm reassured by the fact that he won't be put to sleep and will easily be adopted.