Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A boy and The Lord

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A little boy told me today that he prays to Jesus every night, then Jesus will protect him. 
So i asked him why do you think Jesus can protect you when you pray to him? 
He didn't know, he's just doing what mummy and daddy tell him to do. 
So i explained to him that Jesus is the Boss and Lord of everything, the whole world and more. That's why He can protect you. He's in charge of everything.
The bell rang. 
I wished i could have said more. But it's okay. Jesus is still in charge of everything.

This is my application for evangelizing children, from the sermon "Christ's Glory & Judgment" that was preached in church last Sunday. It is available for download on the CERC website.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The dog days were gone for like... 5 minutes?

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And they're back.

These four months have been a record for many things:
The most we've ever talked about real and important things since the beginning.
The most honest we've ever been about everything.
The most time i've had to practice cooking and have a few steady recipes under my wing.
The most relaxed time i've had to actually sit down and think.
The most difficult work of sanctification.
The most amount of tears ever shed.
And so on and so forth.

I wouldn't have given up these three months for anything.

I've learnt many things, which may surprise many, but i don't care.
I've learnt that in many ways, i am sinful, and of whatever sins i know of, i will repent. But also that, i cannot repent of things that is not a sin. Or at least, i'm not convinced that it is.
I've also learnt that you REALLY can't trust people. People misunderstand what you say or do, take what you say and do and use it against you. So i've got to learn to open up to people in a clear way, always clarifying and asking why. And expecting them to betray you anyway.
I've learnt not to expect apologies. Cos people are sinful. They don't know what they did, and sometimes even if they know, they're not sorry anyway. So i've got to tell them what they did, expect an apology and not be surprised if there isn't any.
And lastly, i've learnt that running away isn't going to help. It's only going to be a repeat of the same situations in a new place with new people. Sticking and sorting is the way to go, although i have also found it to be painful and angering and upsetting. Easier to take flight, but no solving the matter then.

So all in all, i learnt that i am sinful, people are sinful, but we still have to live with one another. Welcome to what is called the church.

Monday, September 12, 2011

No tips; but an update

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Life has caught up with me.

I am now working in a kindergarten in our neighbourhood. The kids are adorable, but i hope i never hear another word about Angry Birds ever again. I think my chinese is probably improving. I have to try to understand what the kids are saying so that i know they are not up to mischief.

There are not very many nice shows on national tv to watch with a side of my ironing. I have finally organized most of the documents at home, but there still are some more piles somewhere. I had more than 5 copies of the songsheet for "We are God's people". There is a massive recycle pile near the door.

The dog days are ovah-huh! The dog days are go-o-o-one! but i don't think they've gone very far. Many talks, tears and hugs make a good relationship. Its putting gold through refining in the fire. A relationship without fighting makes a non-relating relationship, which is an oxymoron.

Oh yes, here's a tip for you even though i said no tips: If you want to make yourself cook, make sure that you buy all sorts of raw ingredients only when you buy groceries for the week (like raw meats and veg). That way, when you're hungry and go look in the fridge, you've GOT to cook. Haha.

Now i sit on my clothes vacated sofa and wait for the next wave to hit me. It's coming, i can feel it. But i'm gonna be okay. I have a bouy! It's called God's Providence.