Monday, September 12, 2011

No tips; but an update

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Life has caught up with me.

I am now working in a kindergarten in our neighbourhood. The kids are adorable, but i hope i never hear another word about Angry Birds ever again. I think my chinese is probably improving. I have to try to understand what the kids are saying so that i know they are not up to mischief.

There are not very many nice shows on national tv to watch with a side of my ironing. I have finally organized most of the documents at home, but there still are some more piles somewhere. I had more than 5 copies of the songsheet for "We are God's people". There is a massive recycle pile near the door.

The dog days are ovah-huh! The dog days are go-o-o-one! but i don't think they've gone very far. Many talks, tears and hugs make a good relationship. Its putting gold through refining in the fire. A relationship without fighting makes a non-relating relationship, which is an oxymoron.

Oh yes, here's a tip for you even though i said no tips: If you want to make yourself cook, make sure that you buy all sorts of raw ingredients only when you buy groceries for the week (like raw meats and veg). That way, when you're hungry and go look in the fridge, you've GOT to cook. Haha.

Now i sit on my clothes vacated sofa and wait for the next wave to hit me. It's coming, i can feel it. But i'm gonna be okay. I have a bouy! It's called God's Providence.

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