Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A boy and The Lord

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A little boy told me today that he prays to Jesus every night, then Jesus will protect him. 
So i asked him why do you think Jesus can protect you when you pray to him? 
He didn't know, he's just doing what mummy and daddy tell him to do. 
So i explained to him that Jesus is the Boss and Lord of everything, the whole world and more. That's why He can protect you. He's in charge of everything.
The bell rang. 
I wished i could have said more. But it's okay. Jesus is still in charge of everything.

This is my application for evangelizing children, from the sermon "Christ's Glory & Judgment" that was preached in church last Sunday. It is available for download on the CERC website.

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  1. hehe, so cute! :) alriteee! Yay, do I see a Little People opportunity as well?