Sunday, December 02, 2007

Love love Tshirt printing

Just some tee shirts made for my mum's WF sale. I found the designs from all over the net. My personal fave is the purple tee with three birds perched on a branch, it's soo cute. Reminds me that i should remember to do my cute owl design again. One for myself. So far almost all the tee shirts i printed have been for other things, not myself. Oh well. Plenty of time for that i guess.
And i really should work on my photography skills. Evidence up there. But... a good camera might help. My dad's point n shoot is really limited. I remember Derek's cam, messing with it, i managed quite a number of good shots, but oh well. Money is not exactly restricting but i just can't bring myself to buy one just yet. We'll see what Christmas brings yes?


  1. u print di mana t-shirt tuh??cantekk...

  2. bad carpenter always blames his tools. =p