Wednesday, January 20, 2010

80 days more

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...and i'm waiting for my sewing machine to be fixed so i can continue my dress. I need to get a quick move on with that project. And the search for an evening gown continues too. I am ignoring Adrian's lack of a suit for now, cos we already saw one we both like and it can wait =) I'm seriously considering getting a tailor to do my gown, but in the meantime, i'll keep trying to see if i can manage to find something ready made.

As for the invitations, everyone is finally happy with the design and cards and colors and such... which makes me ready to buy and print! Yay! What an achievement! So the DIY party is so on, all ye who wish to help out, please make yourself available on February the First at Seven O'Clock in the Evening! Make your way to Adrian's house where you shall lend your willing fingers to be subjected to an evening of papercuts. There will be food, but if you're coming for that, you may turn around and go home =P Thank you all for all your help in looking for paper suppliers and accessories and other forms of support! I am looking forward to a good night of fe and male bonding over the wounds of war that we will definitely receive that night.

If a guy says he loves you lots, ask him whether he will marry you. If he says he's not sure or doesn't know or hasn't thought about it or won't, he doesn't love you that much.

On a different note, Adrian and i had the pleasure of being with a new growth group last week. It was so different to our old group, which was made up of students in their tertiary education, whereas this group was a group of working adults. Sigh, i feel old all of a sudden. Change isn't easy cos i miss my old group, but growth is good! This group is gonna be stationed in the Damansara area, currently in Damansara Perdana, but soon in my own home in Bandar Sri Damansara.We've just begun a new study on Deuteronomy. So if any of you would like to join us to grow together with us, feel free to step in!


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