Monday, January 25, 2010

75 days more

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...and each day comes with excitement and some trepidation. My sewing machine is fixed and i'm eager to get to work, but there's so much other work! By the way, we've gotten Adrian's suit! He looks very smart in it. Now all we have to do is to get him a nice shirt, socks and shoes, and he'll be all set. It's just myself i'm worried about.

I have yet to buy the paper for the cards. Today today is the day, today! There's no turning back after this. I know it's just a card, but i usually design til i get a good feeling about it, and i don't quite get that yet with the cards, even though everyone else is satisfied with it. We'll see.

I've also now got a photographer! I wasn't planning to get one, cos i can't really afford it, but this friend of mine very generously offered! And i'm so happy! I'm so glad that so many people have helped out in our wedding in all sorts of generous ways! I feel so blessed to have fellowship with these gorgeous and lovely saints in Christ! I love how the gospel has brought us all together and this love of Christ we all share in just overflows in love for each other...


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