Monday, March 29, 2010


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It's two days away from single digits. I'm gonna go nuts! *cue song : I'm so excited... and i just can't hide it!* Why can i only think of songs now? But when it comes to the time, i mind blank. Oh Mickey.

About my bridal shower, I leave you with these:

...with the lights off.
...without brushing your teeth.
...clean your ears.


It was a blast! As you've probably already seen on facebook or other means, it was a mad hatter's tea party. The food was UH-MAY-ZING! There was so much left over and Swen took it all back!

My boy's videos were the cutest! Of course, no one else thinks so except me. They were the highlight of my night, except when he turned up outside to fetch me =P

Now that it's so close, i feel like i want to be with him all the time. But that's silly isn't it? Cos i'll be with him for the rest of my life. So i'm making time to see all these other people i haven't seen in a while, and just waiting. Impatiently, but i'm still waiting.


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