Friday, March 19, 2010

twenty two days!

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I'm getting married in twenty two days! TWENTY TWO days! I'm going nuts with excitement. Like a dog on a leash in the park. All this wait wait wait wait waiting... is crazy after close to eleven months of it! That's like a whole year! I can't wait no more! This is going to be the longest twenty two days of my life. Or at least it will feel like the longest til perhaps when i'm in labor. Then it will be the longest i dont wanna know how long hours of my life.

Tomorrow! I'm gonna see the house again and go to the IKEA sale FINALLY! Hopefully there's still stuff left for our house! I'm so excited, i'm moving quickly from delegate mode to nesting mode!

Oh ya! I forgot to update you guys on how the photoshoot went. We had it last Saturday in Ipoh with Joel and his team. My cheeks hurt remembering how much we had to smile that day. Hahaha, it was fun. There was a point though where Joel was like, "Okay, i don't want to close up on your face anymore. You look tired." Gahaha yeah, poor Adrian was tired to begin with, much more ending with. I'm not gonna show you more, just the one, on the sidebar. I'll save the rest for the slideshow or something else. It was so funny on the way back, cos i drove at first but then i got sleepy and dozy, then he drove so i fell asleep in the passenger side. Then we stopped and i woke up and i was like huh? Where the heck are we? This doesn't look like home. He was sleepy la so had to stop at one of the rest places. So i woke up and drove a little way further and then it got really rainy, my eyesight is super bad at night especially if it rains. So he had to take over again. Thankfully we eventually got home.

It was a real different experience though, these pre-wedding photoshoot things. Adrian and i ended up talking about a whole lot of nothing when we were trying to look like we were having a deep and meaningful. I guess our brains could only concentrate on posing, smiling and trying not to look fake and our conversations suffered for that. I asked him to play a real song for me when he was posing with a guitar and he couldn't think of any. Previously, when we were just on our own, he would just randomly play all sorts of things. Although some things never change. Pretend fights and cheeky, mischievious grins, that's my specialty that will never ever change. Anyway, i hope you all enjoy in 15 minutes the hours and effort we all put into the photos.

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