Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Forty days and my legs hurt

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A long weekend of tan lines, funny gadgets and more can't-waiting-to-get-married-to-my-man. Back to the real world of paying bills and organizing the amazing ceremony that i will be married in. I totally loved all the time to hear what God says to us about relationships over the weekend. Well, not all of it. I haven't quite gotten over my fear of procreational pain... but at least i am looking forward to embracing God's Creation Order. Marriage to serve God yo! If it ain't for that, it ain't nuthin'.

I'm officially on ministry break. I've been given a 3 month reprieve to prepare for everything upcoming and to make our marriage work. Still, there's so much to do!

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  1. :) I'm still at that "I-cant-believe-my-schoolmate's-getting-married" phase. But each time I see a picture of you two together, I turn into goo.

    Good luck with the whole shebang, Erin. I'm glad everything's working out/worked out for you!