Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the last post

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I actually honestly don't know why i expect sinful people to behave in any other way than sinful. It's almost as though i try to believe in the best of people -even myself, which i know for a fact doesn't exist outside of the redemption by Jesus Christ for his holy people. Because the best of people is Jesus Christ.

So i figure my last post is unjustified.

But, all these emotional stuff is getting me down. I'm just really tired of being with people cos people make me unhappy. I'd really just rather curl up, under my blanket and sleep. ALONE. I would love to be a happy bride but that seems very elusive.

I have an unhelpful but true motto to life : If you want things done right, do it yourself.
It's true. Especially from recent events. But i think if you want things done right, even you can't do it yourself.

But anyway, in some specific cases, i think that motto works just fine =)


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