Monday, February 22, 2010

trying me

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I'm so sick of people who dismiss frugal as cheap and tacky, think of creative innovation as weird and nobody-will-like-that, and comment on different ideas as eeyer-nobody-does-that and won't-look-nice-lar.

A question i'd like to ask is, are you the designer or am i?
Nuff said.

the world today has no appreciation for gospel values. not surprising. What's surprising is even Christians think this way. No appreciation for holiness. Marriage is merely something else in life, not related to the gospel and therefore you should just follow the world's standards. Why can't people praise the desire to remain holy before marriage by getting married? Why do people praise the pursuit of more money to achieve a certain expected standard of living and security instead of pursuing holiness? don't you all understand that we don't need to live in a big place with a big car and big bank accounts to start off with? What is wrong with renting a small place, with small cars and small pay? As long as we don't starve to death isn't it... Why do people think of marriage like an end to life? As if i won't have a life after the deed is done. For crying out loud. It's just ridiculous. that is why so many Christians fall into sexual sin before they're married. And what do people do? close one eye, they get married eventually don't they? When they can afford it wat... the whopping big wedding.

Sigh. That is the ugly raincloud that shadows my wedding. That is the worst that weddings bring out in people. If there were any good reason to elope, this comes close.


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