Friday, January 04, 2008

My new journal

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As you can see, I have been practicing my photography, which sad to say hasn't improved all that much. With the new old camera, i have discovered some new functions, especially since Dad never keeps the manual for cameras, preferring to push buttons in a trial and error manner, which in turn forces me to discover things i'd rather find out from a manual in a trial and error manner. Oh well, my subject for today is my brand new journal. I used to journal a long time back, but i've never journalled to keep record of my walk with God and chart my progress, so this is new. I remember writing very anxiously in the past, because i always want to note down every detail of some event that i perceived to be important then. Every detail! And quickly too, before i forget all about it, which i often do. Then i stopped. And i think it was about the same time i got hooked onto Blogger. Haha, oh well. It is always better to write, you can almost see the emotion popping out from the handwritten words.


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