Wednesday, January 09, 2008


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Can you imagine, being on holiday (sort of) but being so bored, especially being bored of having to look for things to do? Oh dear. Thank goodness i start class tomorrow, i'm so eager for something to do. So inspired by this smart mama, i'm not gonna devote the whole month, but i am gonna practice photography. I foresee that it might come in handy for the future. Don't worry, that's not the only thing i'll do in the house *wink!*

And! After being annoyed after not being able to fold the dozens of unfolded shirts from the laundry quickly because i couldn't remember Adrian's technique, i managed to find this. Yes i am admittedly slow and need a (several, more like) live demonstration to get it. But Hahah! I've got it! You humongous pile of laundry, be afraid! Be very afraid! I'll get you all!


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