Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of Fleas and Rubbish

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Hey people, i know my group of pals, plus minus one or two aren't all that interested in fashion, artsy fartsy stuff or any sorta design for that matter... but, i have hopes for YOU! Come and teman me, be my partner in crime as i flit like a housefly from one pile of rubbish to another. Think about it, since they're selling previously loved items, we're actually recycling! Haha, okay enough crapping, just come okay! Click on it to see the finer details.

Just so you know, i'll be going for the Threads Zoo thingie on Saturday evening and the REMIX one on Sunday after church. So maybe, you can arrange your timing so much so that our little housefly behinds bump into each other there. BzZZzZZzzzZzZZ... *that means "See you there!"*


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