Friday, January 18, 2008

I've hit

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Hitting major crisis number two is not a fantastic thing to experience, especially after the hope of good clear skin. So as usual, here i am, with the solo Erin show. The new and improved version, less sarky less disgusted and more sigh, i've got to live with it so shut up. Less to say too. Brilliant.

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  1. darling...

    you are a child in My Body. Trust me and all will be revealed.

    That's what I got for you this morning. so. there. love you hun. you are brilliant.. and my friend, my sista, my confidant, my sounding-board. my sense of reason too. so in your shadow, i'm brilliant too.. heheheheh

    hugs. see you soon. miss you. sorry i can't make tonight. got rehearsal then show. blehr. not complaining.. just wish i had more time..