Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crazy Camp Syndrome

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Camp makes people crazy. I think these pictures really tell the real story. Kudos to all the brilliant photographers waiting around doing i'm not sure what just to get these photos, when they should have been helping out or something
Hehe, just kidding folks! Haha, i tell you, just looking at these brings back so many fantastic memories from camp. From top to bottom (according to Melissa's photo gallery): Flirtatious, In Great Need of Sleep *which would be me =P, Disgusted, Stoned/Hysterical, Sincere (sincere?! This looks as far away as sincere gets! This is more like, i'm so gonna get you when you're not looking!), Crazy (i somehow don't think this is a camp-induced picture. Haha this is more of a scene from LV's everyday life *grins*), Cute and Cartoonish!

I think we all have brilliantly flexible facial expressions, haha made for the stage huh?


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