Saturday, April 04, 2009

They're called leggings and they're cool

I've been trying similar looks to her. One thing that i hate doing is taking outfit shots on my own. Cos i don't have a tripod and it's kinda strange taking a picture of myself in public or anywhere heh.
 from {me}
 See what i mean? But, at least i found a spot to rest the cam while taking self timer photos. I hate putting my face in too. Cos i make real daft expressions trying to focus on getting a good picture. I'm more of a camera woman than a subject.
from {topshop}
Color blocks are so popular now. Saw this in red and tried it on in the shop, but i couldn't bring myself to buy it at RM 235, even with the members' discount. Mostly cos it looked like i could do it myself. Which i probably can. Well, i'm just waiting for the itch to translate into a dress =P


  1. i love colourful tights and leggings too!

  2. haha u should share, whos ur fashion inspiration? =D oh also, thanks for introducing me to stina! =D

  3. i wanna get those black leggings.. cheap ones tho! no cash. :/

  4. aiyee! misseth your voice! you do leggings very well =)

    purplejelly, next post la next post hehehe...

    jovenne, go look in momoe, got leggings, cheap-er-ish, but really good. But you must feel them ok. not the thin ones, those cacat very fast.