Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've got all i need

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...so now it's all down to finding time to actually try it. What's it?
Screen printing.

My latest itch. I've tried stenciling successfully, but that's kinda limited design-wise. This itch has come about since i met an adorable bunch of tiny, big bellied old men in shorts and only shorts who screen print t-shirts for a living in a tiny little squat space in Kampung Chempaka. It's unfortunate i didn't get a picture, they were so cute and very accomodating (who wouldn't be if there's potential business involved? Especially since they were tiny, big bellied Chinese old men).

Anyway, the manager was very nice and gave me some tips, since i told him i dabbled a bit in this kind of art. Which, roundabout back to where we started, gave me the itch that made me dig out that silk screen kit i've had for forever but just never dared to use. Google and youtube served me very well in dummy how-to video lessons on making the screens and i'm off.

As soon as i think of a good design.

Which will probably take a while, haha *roll eyes*


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