Wednesday, November 07, 2007

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I'm so tired. Having trouble just staying awake today. I was stretching at practice and i fell asleep. Goodness. And i hate conflicts. Just because i feel strongly about something doesn't mean i'm being argumentative. Sometimes i just wish i could hermit-ify myself.

I recently made the decision to stop dancing until i get better, cos it's been really painful, especially when i sweat, it just stings all the open sores. Sometimes i feel like people don't really believe me, like it's not really that painful, it can't be thaaaaat painful, and it seems like i'm dancing fine at practices. But it's not like you're in my shoes, how would you know? You're not going through what i'm going.


Comparatively it's been a really good day, found alot of cheap stuff for camp costumes. I finished up a big part of my dance yesterday night WOOHOO! Cos i've been so caught up with so many things i just haven't had any time, i thought i might not be able to finish it by camp.

That's it lah...i can't take anymore. Nighty night.

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  1. *pats you on the back and offers sugar/caffeine/chocolate-free comfort food*

    And... err... Happy Deepavali?