Saturday, November 24, 2007


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Just for fun, here's an interesting notice stuck in the toilet of Help UC. Got my new specs today, think it makes me look abit more serious and geeky but my mum preferred me to get this pair cos it's not rimless and it is less likely that i'll break it, yet again.

I think something is wrong. But i'm not sure. Isn't that one of the worst feelings ever, when you think something is wrong, but you're not exactly sure whether there is something wrong and you're not sure how to go about it? Confusing. Anyway, no more wasting time on things like this. This was a little bat i found just outside my bathroom. Adrian has a theory that he was drunk and on the way home, he just decided to drop la. So cute, wasn't there anymore today so i guess his theory could be right.
Okay, time to go night night, tomorrow's a really long day, and finally the hall rededication dinner is here so once this dinner is over, no more hard training! Woohoo!


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