Thursday, February 14, 2008

Loving the day of love

Goodness, finally my modem decides to be nice and connect me to the rest of the world.

Why are the attached men so eager to please, attached women competitive over what they get and singles obsessed with their singlehood on one day of the year? It's sickening. I'm single, but so what? How can ONE DAY screw up my self-esteem, shrinking me to a pathetic entity that cannot survive without a man?

Okay, think logically Erin. It's fine really if the attached celebrates this maudlin day, nothing wrong. So why are the not-attached so adamant about NOT celebrating it, making it some excuse like single-awareness day? Consider this, don't you think you're being hypocritical, because once you (the not-attached) finally do get attached, you're gonna be sappy and romantic as well? Come on people, let's not be dogs in a manger and treat this day as it is : just another day in the life. Besides, it's the day of love, how about we all be more loving and love the attached too, okay?

Anyway, for those attached and also those who just love, i did this i heart u pop-up card. Banking on those eager-to-please boyfriends to fill my wallet up a little, this is from the second batch. As usual, i completely forgot to take pictures until after i've sold off the first batch. It was very limited edition because it really was a lot of work cutting precisely. Well it's too late now to continue selling for V-day but I still have a couple more of these. You want? You want?

p.s. Maybe if you want to be my Valentine, i'll give it to you for free!
haha how hypo of me, gee!


  1. they say "single-awareness day" like being single is some kinda disease or something. haish.

    anyways, happy valentine's day erin! *hugs* :)

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