Monday, February 04, 2008

Utter random thoughts that you should ignore

Pain is a numbing feeling. Numbs you to things, like the want to do something productive and other things. Just a constant. Yes, that's what it is, a constant. Reminding you that hey, you're human, subject to hurt, and suffering.

Reminding you that you are alone in this. Because nobody gets it. Nobody wants to be around a hurting person, everybody only "loves" you when you're happy and cheerful, a life-loving bubbly facade covering the real you. Nobody really wants you around when you're miserable. That's just it, isn't it? That's the true meaning of friendship : people who are around you only until life smacks you in the head.

Truth. What is truth? Truth is unwanted, that's what truth is.

edit: Writing this in response to all the comments ; That's the thing you know, that it really shows you who your real friends are. The truth is, i'd really rather not know, because when it's all revealed, you get disappointed and hurt more. So for those who didn't get the connection from friends to truth, there you go. The truth is, i'm not sure i really want to explore who my real friends are.


  1. Nice banner. Hang on in there you.

  2. i so agree....sigh... =( know how it feels. most ppl hate emo ppl. haha.

  3. i'm sorry to say that i have thot the same thing about emo people but oh well. just helps u see who your true friends are, no?

  4. not all friends are "happy" friends. and there are some that are willing to lie in the mud with you all day and all night and all through the next day, staying long after the mud has caked, waterfied and re-caked around us. love you more when you're down than when you're up. well, not really. you know what i mean. ;p blehr.

  5. Hehe... it's true. The truth sucks. But it helps us to REALLY be the people we want to be. Not just some delusional idea of who we are.

    Don't worry, babe. That's the best time to discover who your REAL friends. Not just some fairweather mosquitoes. =p

    And while there are idiots in this world, there ARE people who CAN relate. =) It's just whether we want to or not. I hope that I'll always want to for the ones who mean the most to me. *hugs*

    take your time. be miserable. hehe... the clouds will part eventually.

  6. yea it shows us who our real friends are. sad to know some whom we think are real..are not so read after all. oh well. sigh.. but hey..there are people around who cares for you ok! just allow yourself to trust them and open up to them. it's great to know there are people who cares. =) hugs you! =)

  7. The amount of truly happy friends I have are... *computer does techno sounds as it calculates*

    *beeps* Number unknown.

    Thing is, no one truly knows if someone else is hurting. Have plenty of examples but that would take too much space and word count and it might be considered as spamming.

    As for the edit bit: I say, "at times ignorance is truly a bliss"