Sunday, February 17, 2008

What you think?

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Let's just think of this as me reviewing this site. So far, i should be the almost ideal reviewer hehe, cos i'm barely tech literate so if i can use it, you can.
  1. It's pretty neat, easy enough to control.
  2. The backgrounds and images provided are extensive and much nicer (they have stuff that appeals more to my fussy and selective nature).
  3. The template and contents (sidebar and all) are pretty easy to tweak and you'll manage to get it to look like you want it to in no time.
  4. Posting's the usual, same as blogspot. Interesting thing is all posts must be tagged. One thing i really didn't like was that i only managed to put up my pictures in little cropped squares. *edit: I finally figured out how to enlarge the photos. I'm still not satisfied with the photo albums.
  5. They have a cool function to turn the editing options on or off. So you don't have to travel from page to page, almost everything can be edited straight off the homepage itself.
  6. They have the option to make selected posts private so only the people you allow can view. I liked that the most about the site. As i don't plan to switch blogs, i'm hoping blogspot will add that function as well. I'd prefer that to making the whole blog private.
  7. edit: They've also got this live support, where it pops up this little chat box, you type in your question about the blog n such, then you'll have a chat with someone who can help. Hahaha, i sure would have liked that function while i was tweaking the blogspot html!
That's enough info for now (still working with it but i will update another time), but i think i'm too lazy to get used to the new layouts and workings. I'm pretty satisfied with my pretty blogspot, warts and all. So hope you guys benefited from that up there.

edit: Being the fickle person that i am, i have decided to move my posts from my private blog over there to test it out. Who knows? If i like it, and get used to it...this site may go obsolete *wink*

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  1. Come over to the dark =P I feel like a messiah spreading the good word of IPH =P or the devil. Probably more apt, lol. Anyhoo, I've switched and so should you. *grins* It does look nicer, seriously. I don't seem to have a problem with the pictures tho, maybe the type of template you chose?