Wednesday, June 11, 2008


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Recently, i was quite put out when a friend commented on how my blog doesn’t really meet the God-glorifying purpose it should be. My first reaction was stifled, but i definitely wanted to say, “So? It’s my personal thoughts, so what?” But being chosen as i am to be God’s child, i truly believe that it was a timely reminder to hey, buck up, check yourself and move on into the right direction.

Some articles that helped me out during this time of reflection :

  1. The Bible called me Stupid by Eric Simmons
  2. Faithful are the Wounds of a Friend by Eric Simmons

Both articles address correction, how it is so awesome that God love us so much, how God placed people in our lives, who demonstrate His love by being faithful friends that lovingly guide us to right paths. I thank God for such friends that i have in my life. The second article even goes as far as to say if your friends are NOT correcting you, perhaps it’s time to get new friends.


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