Monday, June 16, 2008

Personal opinions disguised as reviews?

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I’ve been watching lots of movies lately, and so close to my exams too =P but here are some notable ones:

1. KungFu Panda

I really didn’t think this movie was any good, it does host Jack Black as the lead voiceover, one actor that i really don’t like paying to watch. But i was pleasantly surprised. Amazingly good story that had good values. A little violent but it was set very humorously (which i haven’t determined whether it’s a good thing or not).

2. Iron Man

This was a really good one. Good for the girls and guys. Taken from Pluggedinonline,

Iron Man emphasizes loyalty, restitution and the responsible use of power by individuals and nations. But this superhero is not merely a Spider-Man clone. And that has a lot to do with his origin story. No radioactive spider bite. No exposure to gamma rays. Stark isn’t accidentally endowed with new skills. His heroic journey involves an arrogant sinner coming to grips with his own depravity and choosing to change.

So the film’s underlying messages—that being virtuous is better than being rich, that we all have unexpected callings, that we, like Stark, live for a reason—are inspiring, biblical and, in today’s fame-and-fortune-at-any-cost society, downright countercultural.

3. Amazing Grace

An inspiring movie, although younger viewers might not be so enthused by it. I don’t know, maybe it’s the whole historical element to it. Ioan Gruffud was excellent as William Wilberforce though, portrayed a real strong masculine and Godly character. Also notable was Romola Garai, as his wife (more accurately, in the movie it was future-wife), who really defied the modern views of what it means to be a woman, she portrayed a woman who was a great helper and supporter of her then future-husband’s cause. She wasn’t downtrodden, but she had a strong mind of her own. I dare say it was the closest i’ve ever come to seeing a true Biblical marriage on the cinema screens, or at least as far as i’ve noticed anyway.

Now for some not so good movies that i don’t suggest anybody watch because it was an utter waste of my money.

1. Indiana Jones

I’m totally disappointed. I was hoping for better. Oh well.

2. What happens in Vegas

I suppose to a certain extent it carries a “good” message, of how you stick it out in a marriage, but the rest of the movie just kills it. The oversexed stuff, it’s kinda embarrassing to watch.

Well the last two certainly teaches me to have a certain amount of discernment and preparation in watching movies or any entertainment actually. Well, just one short scene in a movie could prove detrimental so i should really employ more caution in choosing what i see.

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