Thursday, August 14, 2008

Avoiding soggy sandwiches

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I hate soggy sandwiches. Usually if you put tuna or egg mayo into sandwiches, the bread becomes soggy and cold and clammy and disgusting. I've been wondering how to avoid soggy sandwiches so today i put lots of sliced up cabbage in between the tuna and the bread and left it for a good hour, just to see if it works. It works! I think i should have added onions and pepper though, would have tasted better i think.

What a strange post, you might think. Nah, have just been cutting costs and learning to cook cheap and easy meals by eating at home and making my own meals. It's been fun, especially since there's no one to make fun of me if i'm eating on my own. I've watched how the English make their meals, and it's usually very simple, quick and because they dress it up nicely, it looks yummy on top of tasting yummy! Long way to go before i get there though.


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