Thursday, October 02, 2008

I hate that irritating bass beat

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I was woken up rudely by irritating bass beats of some inconsiderate idiots music at 4am. It played all the way on from there til 8am. I should know. I was up the whole time. I've heard more techno-ish, house, whatever kinda of stupid dingbat songs than anybody should in a whole lifetime.

Here's the thing: I realized during that 4 hour period how passive men have become. I'm guessing men used to defend hearth and home, protect their women and children, do the he-man thing. They used to gladly join the army for crying out loud. They were willing to sacrifice their lives and time and effort for the good of the country, their people and families. 

These days, can't even get them to get out of the house and tell these idiots off. My dad was a hero lah. He went out to check them out, but apparently there were a lot of people so he came back. That's okay, at least he tried. Which is more than i can say for the rest of the men living on my block. Useless bums. No wonder women want to do things themselves sometimes. Cos you're not doing it. 

Yes, this does not apply to men in general.
Yes, this only happens when i am rudely awakened.
Yes, it stops here. 
The music hasn't stopped by the way. The volume is lower but it's still playing.
I hate those irritating bass beats.


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