Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Me + Dust = Bad

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I thought i'd practice some housekeeping today, since i dropped my handphone from my loft bed into an obscure spot and had to rescue it from near death by dust. So out came the vacuum and gloves and mop. The spot is now clean-er.

I made a discovery while i did the cleaning. It was like a Eureka moment. I managed to get an equation out of it.  
Me + Dust = Bad
To be honest, i discovered this a long time ago, when my mum could still force persuade me to clean my room and change the covers. Everytime i changed the covers, i'd get a nasty hayfever and i won't be able to see out of the teary slits my eyes become or smell because my nose would be all stuffed up AND runny at the same time. 

Back then, my rational conclusion is that i'm not made for housework and i should make my future husband/maid clean everything. Now, my more rational conclusion is that i should probably keep everything clean at all times so the dust won't pile up and overcome my silly nose.
Dust, oh dust,
Hate you, i must.
why can't you just self combust.


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